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Open Cab vs. Closed Cab Pick-up production numbers...

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    Open Cab vs. Closed Cab Pick-up production numbers...

    As far as I know, this is one of the greatest "unknowns" in the Model A/AA Ford production.

    To my knowledge, there is no records which tells us X amount were Open Cabs and X amount were Closed Cabs...I wish there were...believe me it would make Part 2 of my second book much easier
    to do.

    Does anybody on the VFF know if there is any data on this?

    I have some conflicting numbers all over the place from a few well-known Model A Ford books but nothing definate...most are just speculation numbers.

    I am trying to present this information in a slightly different way but it still does not give any deffinate answers.

    Oh how I would like to take a trip the the Ford Archives on this matter.

    If anyone has any ideas and would like to communicate with me, please do so at [email protected]


    I have never seen any info either Steve. Rod
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