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Hinge pin mirror issues

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  • Hinge pin mirror issues

    I have hinge pin mirrors on my 30 tudor, the gap between the hinge and the mirror is probably 1/4" when i screw the set screw in it almost threads completely thru the mirror, I shimmed up the gap with a piecece of aluminum strap wrapped in black duct tape to prevent marring but this does not hold the mirror in place . Any suggestions?

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    So is the set screw is to short?
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      Yes mitch it is but when i screw it all the way in there is hardly any screw left in the mirror body, i tried a shim between the mirror body and the hinge face but it will not stay in place i could get a longer screw but i also do not want to chip the paint because of the screw.


      • Mitch
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        I have that style on one of my Tudors and they seem to stay put without using the set screws. I was worried about the paint also, so tonight when i get home i will scope out the situation for you

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      Pix please I am having trouble visualizing the problem


      • BNCHIEF
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        T bird i will get a picture of the issue and post it later today.

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      The set screws that come with the hinge mirrors are too short. A trip to the hardware store for longer screws solved the problem.
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        Carl i will do that you would think when they build something they might check to see if it works.


        • CarlG
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          It's a Vintique thing :>)

        • BNCHIEF
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          You nailed it exactly.

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        You know something, I got a pair of left and right upper hinge mirror brackets that were labeled from Vintique and both are very close to the actual hinge body and didn't require a longer set screw.

        I am reading this and wondering if there wasn't some difference in the thickness of the hinge brackets themselves. Since I only have my transitional '28 Tudor, I don't have any to compare it to, but you can bet that Thursday at cruise I will be checking the different year/models that we have in the club.
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          Chief how did you ever make out with the mirror issue? I forgot to ck mine out that day but 3 weeks later i remembered the thread.
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          "It's all nuts and bolts"

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            Originally posted by CarlG View Post
            The set screws that come with the hinge mirrors are too short. A trip to the hardware store for longer screws solved the problem.
            I replaced the allens with the longer stainless machine screws.


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              Mitch I did exactly what Mike said I used an allen head socket screw and trimmed them to fit so they actually do not look too bad.


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