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    3 ~ Tudor's
    Henry Ford said
    "It's all nuts and bolts"

    Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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      My Dad, my wife and I will be set up, as every year, in the Chocolate Field: CF73 - CF75. If it rains, we've got a tent with plenty of space to stay dry while you're shopping.

      Here are some of the things that we will be bringing this year:

      - Sport Lites for Ford Model A and early V8: 1928-1936
      - Pre-war European oil cans: Gargoyle, Valvoline, liter cans, etc...
      - Pre-war clock mirrors: New Haven, Mansfield, Westclox, etc, etc
      - Original European Ford Model A, Model T and Early V8 sales literature, Owners Manuals, ads, etc.
      - Early V8 and B original owners manuals from Europe: Poland, Belgium, France, Spain, UK, etc...
      - Pre-war car clocks: New Haven, Mansfield, Westclox, Elgin, etc, etc...
      - Ford car clocks (electric and wind) for early V8 Fords 1934, 1935, 1936, etc..
      - Original pre-war Ford batteries (1 wooden and 1 hard plastic) for Model T's and V8s
      - Era Ford Model A magazine advertisements
      - Pre-war accessory car radio
      - Pre-war and post war books on Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company (I'm downsizing my archives)
      - DO-RAY accessory cowl light and trim for Ford Model A
      - Accessory cigar lighter for Ford Model A
      - Coca Cola sign from Germany
      - EV8 original era Ford posters from France
      - original Veedol and Castrol posters from 1929 and 1930's respectively
      - Handy Oilers: mostly oddball European ones
      - Long-spout horizontal oilers
      - 1936 Ford radio with excellent head unit and speaker
      - NOS boxes/tins of FORD fuses
      - Pre-war Ford cafeteria silverware from Belgium
      - Crystal bud vases from Europe
      - Ford Model A rear spare tire locks
      - Ford magazines: Ford News, Ford Times, Ford Im Bild, Revue Ford, Revista Ford
      - etc, etc, etc....
      As stuff sells, we put more out.......gotta empty the U-Haul van before Saturday!

      If you want the best deals, talk to my wife (she's more motivated to sell than I am).

      Wir sprechen Deutsch.
      Nous parlons Français.
      Vi taler dansk.

      Please stop by and say "Hi",
      Brad in Maryland
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