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    So anything recommended? I was wondering if there was anything new out there.

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    Excellent question especially for parts with inaccessible passages. We tried cleaning a good '32 oil fill tube with collected gunk in the inner baffles using rust remover and many solvents including gasoline, lacquer thinner, paint remover,PB blaster, etc.. Carb cleaner worked OK but evaporated quickly. The final choice was first carb cleaner, then paint remover, then the lacquer thinner soak for a couple of days, then high pressure water rinse followed by oil to prevent rust, etc.
    Our galvanizing company in the area wanted a min. $150 to acid bath it, and one area - remaining plating company said the resulting contaminants would ruin there cleaning bath causing a complete change out at major expense. Go figure the latter.


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      Well, I got this can of what was called Carb Cleaner from I believe Napa and it works wonders and is water soluable. I found one of the oil fill flex tube and sheesh, was it clogged up, and stiff with crud, so I dip the tip into the can as far as I can get it to flex/bend, wait a day, stuff more into the can until I had the whole thing flexed and stuffed into a 1 gallon can. A day later and it is loose and very flexable and as I wash out the gunk, it is pristine and shiny new. Now just needs a coat of paint and onto the car.

      Unfortunately, the original can sprung a leak and I wound up getting a 1 gallon paint can and don't have the information on what it is and where it came from for reference. sorry
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        I cleaned out a torque tube once by sealing up one end, pouring it full of acetone and letting it soak overnight. Then with a toilet brush on a long handle, swabbed it down a few times. Came out clean as a whistle.

        For general parts washer, I use Stoddards Solvent.
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        • Mitch
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          Mineral spirits here which is pretty much the same thing

        • DaWizard
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          we can't get mineral spirits in Ca

        • Mitch
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          I'll ship you some 55 GAL drum

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        Most of the time I use gasoline or diesel. On my last Model A engine I used oven cleaner from Dollar Tree, and it really did a good job of removing, paint, rust, dirt and grease.


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          I've used gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene. I also took a metal horse trough and built fire under, put in water and several cans of lye for big stuff. I'm looking for something to use in the shop, high flash point, low odor to leave in the washer. hoping somebody had a recommendation on something. Tia


          • CarlG
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            When I worked in an aircraft maintenance & repair shop, Stoddards Solvent is what we used in the parts washer. It does have a low odor, I don't remember the flash point.

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          In our shop automatic transmission washer we use safety kleen floor soap. The trans and parts goes on a turntable, which gets spun by the pressure jets and the water gets heated
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            Originally posted by Jim Mason View Post
            I've used gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene. I also took a metal horse trough and built fire under, put in water and several cans of lye for big stuff. I'm looking for something to use in the shop, high flash point, low odor to leave in the washer. hoping somebody had a recommendation on something. Tia
            Diesel should do the job, but you'll have to take the parts outside and spray wax and grease remover on them if you need them to be painted.

            About 15 years ago I bought low odor mineral spirits at Fleet Farm for only $1 a gallon, but a few months later it jumped to $3 a gallon.


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              Hi Jim,

              Appears Mr. Purdy and I are probably the only two Model A Forum guys who for years knew and still know about and still recommend a re-usable water based cleanser that easily removes all sorts of petroleum based products such as old oil & grease buried deeply in the porous pores of metal; i.e., "POR Marine Clean."

              It easily thoroughly cleans old Model A gasoline varnish buried deep in old carburetor pot metal; cleans black soft tar in Model A gas tanks & carburetors caused by vintage Permatex gas tank sealers dissolved with new ethanol gasoline, insides of oil return pipes, insides of radiators, insides of axle housings, thick carbon build up on spark plugs, carbon build up in heads and on tops of engine blocks, cleans old hard grease etc., etc.

              It is non-flammable; hence can be mixed with hot tap water for better results; and after mixed with water, for future re-use, it can be re-heated in a pot on your stove.

              Can be mixed with up to 10 parts water, and, if in doubt, after reading instructions, just call 1-800 POR trained technicians who can assist, and/or recommend different strengths of POR Marine Clean to be mixed with different parts of water.

              Initially not cheap when bought in concentrated form; however, I have several gallons that I have been successfully re-using for the past 20 years.


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                Water & Tide or Dishwasher Soap or T.S.P, in a METAL 5 gallon bucket, on a CHEEP Hot Plate, set on LOW, will STRIP even the CRUMMIEST of parts!
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                  I had surprisingly good results from Simple Green. I was online looking for a non flammable alternative to typical solvent. I mixed 1 part water to 3 parts Simple Green.


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                    If I ever get back into small parts restoration business I will once again get a SafeKleen tank back in the shop. Water based and a rep stops by every few months to filter and fill. The parts washer is on a rental basis that includes service and disposal. Cleans the toughest of grease and varnish. When given some time to run and warm up it is great. Rod
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