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Looking for Start up Car candidate for 2018 Branson MARC Meet

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  • Looking for Start up Car candidate for 2018 Branson MARC Meet

    One of the "other" activities or events we're going to do at the Branson meet is what our own Missouri Valley Region does every June. For the last 25 years and first started by my Model A Mentor and since past friend Terry Oberer is to take a car that typically hasn't run in 25-50+ years and within a short time 30- minutes - 2 hours typically) get it going. We usually do no prep on it but look for a candidate that has an engine that is NOT stuck and rotates.

    We have been successfull every year since Terry started the event 25 years ago. He passed away in 2012 and although I was a part of it most all of those years it was his baby. I along with one of our local members, Mark Schenberg, that has a modern auto repair shop ( Car Doc Automotive) have continued on the tradition. Mark host the event and I usually head up the mechanical end. We have volunteers to help do different task from electrical to replacing some parts as minimally necessary to get it to run. We've unstuck valves, pulled heads, replaced pistons, etc and have them all running in a short time. We've blown out so much crap out tailpipes it's incredible what has taken home to them.

    We take bets on the time it takes and it is a blast. A couple of years ago I got adventurous as we had two candidates.. and yes we did them both within a few hours. one easy one not. Some even drive around the parking lot after. We also try to make it an educational event and what it takes to make an engine run ( from a standpoint of the basic requirements)

    So.. having said that our Missouri Valley region will host the event. I'll head it up and we are actively looking for an unrestored car as a candidate.

    Criteria is:
    -engine free- stuck valves can be dealt with. - not looking for engine internals to be rusted of course.
    -unrestored car or truck - best if rolling - rough looking OK - no restored engines or cars please
    -gas tank unimportant
    -transportation to be worked out but the closer to Branson or St. Louis for that matter the better

    owner would be responsible for cost of parts to get it running. We come equipped to bring rebuilt carb/dist, other parts as necessary and that may possibly needed for startup that day including a start up rig.

    If you have something or know of one contact Larry Shepard by PM on VFF here.

    Also going to do a few other good tech sessions so plan to attend the Branson meet. There will be good stuff for all!
    This will be a participation event with probably some help from the audience including hopefully some from the youth. I've posted some links before on VFF and BARN about some of our past events. They are always a blast!

    Larry Shepard

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    Sounds like fun;
    whats a start up rig? An ignition bypass, ext fuel supply set up

    Ask Tom i bet he has something laying around you guys can get started:p
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      Mine hasn't been started since Wednesday a week ago. Does that count?
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        Join us for the MARC National Meet in Branson MO, for a week of Model A, fine point, touring , Fashion Judging, Seminars, Welcome Dinner, River Boat Cruise and a whole lot more!!
        Visit our web site for more information at and our Facebook page at
        06-24-2018 01:00 PM
        07-01-2018 01:00 PM
        120 South Wildwood Drive Branson MO 65616 United States
        09-09-2017, 03:03 PM