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Front axle spring restoration

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  • Front axle spring restoration

    I have a question on restoring an original front spring. The spring is a standard 10 leaf spring. I have sandblasted the individual leaves. The question is: Should I epoxy prime the individual leaves before assembling them. I plan to use John Deere Slip Plate between the leaves to provide a lubricant. Any helpful comments would be appreciated on whether the leaves should be painted or just assemble them with Slip Plate only, then paint the assembled spring.
    Rusty Nelson

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    Some different methods ; I just did a (new) spring by grinding down the leaf end edges that rest on the next lower leaf and used graphite lube spray (couple of cans) on both sides except the top and bottom outer leaf faces. Some people like to mix graphite with grease or heavy oil. Then prime and paint after assembly. The original spring may have some gouges in the leaves which can be smoothed out as necessary. If the spring isn't true from the ground by measuring at different points, you may consider rotating the leaves to correct any sag.
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      Some more related info
      3 ~ Tudor's
      Henry Ford said
      "It's all nuts and bolts"

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        I prepped two fronts and a rear spring for install last year. I had each “gently” sandblasted then used a generic Napa brand degreaser. For the primer, two coats and a week to dry, then two top coats and a month to cure (only because I procrastinate - a lot)! Im never in a hurry these days. I really like John Deere’s Slip Plate and use it liberally - like a couple heavy coats and my usual long cure time. The difference in the ride will put a smile on you. It also helps to have good working adjusted shocks.

        We are blessed to have miles of stunning countryside to navigate to warm up the car prior to hitting the donut and coffee house. Most of the roads have some issues or are in serious need of some repair so my springs and shocks endure a good workout and make the drives enjoyable.

        Have fun with your A - and importantly - drive it!


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          I am not familiar with slip plate but I assume it is a greasy sort of product. If that is so, I wouldn't use it. Dirt, grime and dust will be attracted to it and stick to it. It will then end up between the leaves and you don't want that. I prime the leaves with el cheapo primer after I mix some graphite powder through it. The primer holds the lubricant in there and crap won't stick.


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            John Deere Slip Plate is a graphite based liquid that you paint on. It dries like paint - not sticky or greasy after it is dry. It allows parts to "slide" easier.
            Rusty Nelson


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