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Starter Drive Without Beveled Teeth

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  • Starter Drive Without Beveled Teeth

    I just saw this drive on ebay, but noticed it doesn't have a bevel on the engagement end of the teeth. The bevel is to help make a smooth engagement, so that's the only style I'd buy.

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    • George Miller
      George Miller commented
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      Last edited by George Miller; 08-30-2017, 01:34 PM. Reason: I wish I could spell.

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    Self beveling. After a while.


    • tbirdtbird
      tbirdtbird commented
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      yep, and imagine what ur ring gear will look like then!

    • Mitch
      Mitch commented
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      Load the teeth up with mystic grease!

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    "Maybe" their BEVELER BROKE?
    Dad Guessing?


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      "ACCIDENTALLY", I put an M.G. ring gear on backwards, rubbed the teeth with wheel bearing grease & it worked FINE!
      Dad Lucky


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