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Fixing a Bad Starter Repair

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  • Fixing a Bad Starter Repair

    A club member's starter quit working the other day, and it was easy to see why. Someone had worked on the field coils or starter contact, and did a poor solder job. They cut the starter field wire short of the contact slit, and left some of the old winding still soldered to the contact. They then tried to solder the windings to the short strap, but didn't use enough heat, which resulted in a cold solder joint. At this point all I can do is bring out the big guns to get it hot enough to blow away the old solder, then spin the short lead to fit between the two field coil ends, and solder the three parts together.

    This is a 200 watt soldering iron I found at a local second hand store for $7, and it easily heated the joint. Also shown is a WEN 250 that I found at a swap meet for a few bucks. To be sure it gets full power, I cleaned the corrosion off the plug contacts, and removed the tip and cleaned it, then made sure the two nuts are tight. I then heated the tip, wire brushed it, and dipped it into the flux and tinned the tip. I give many of my plugs a light coat of grease after cleaning them. It keeps the corrosion away and makes then slip in and out of the socket much better.

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    Now that thar is a solderin IRON!!
    You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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      You aint kiddin thats a BAZOOKA or at least the pic makes it look like one

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    Naw really big soldering irons are heated by fire ! Ones tinners use :-)


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