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Magazine About Model A on Tracks and Skies

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  • Magazine About Model A on Tracks and Skies

    I just came across this Farm Collector Magazine while looking for information on my Delco Light Plant.
    Thought someone with a Model A on tracks might be interested in it.

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    Tom, do you have one of you're light plants running yet ?
    Model A's and of course the famous AA's


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      Originally posted by pAAt View Post
      Tom, do you have one of you're light plants running yet ?
      No, still too busy with other things.


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        Speaking of good reference books for the Model A, I recently sent an email to the publishers of Skinned Knuckles magazine asking if they had an index for the publication detailing articles by issue. Well, no answer yet, however this magazine has been around for a very long time. So, what is the consensus regarding it's coverage of the Model A? Are there any articles which would benefit our never...
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        Just passing it on that i have updated my logo Light review with some more info..Thank you all
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        Well guys after sitting on my garage floor for a year, I decided to hang my traffic light I bought. Please excuse the mess, I am still trying to clean my building up before I bring my Model A home. Hugh...
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        Met some friends at the local tavern last night and left before dark. It was a nice evening to drive the '29 RPU topless and always a crowd pleaser! One of the guys wanted me to take him for a spin. It was dark then so decided it was a good time to test the LED headlight!! (never driven in dark) LEDs were awesome and as we were going along I said damn...forgot about this little light so I can see...
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        Got a call last night to come and see why the Model A won't start. Took my test light and touched the open point (key ON) and had no light. But wait, the owner says, I get 6 volts when I test. Well, the basic OFF-ON repro switch just passed enough voltage to move the meter needle, but not enough current to light my test light bulb. I had him blow the horn, so I knew the battery connections were fine,...
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        Need confirmation
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        Late '31 CCPU Tail Lights
        The amber light on top is the brake light/turn signals and the bottom red light is the tail light.
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        I am putting led lights in my rear tail lights both for running and brake/turn signal.
        Question, because these lights are much brighter, is there a need for a third brake light which is higher and centered on the rear of the A?

        I am assuming that now is the time to install this light as I have yet to install the interior.

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        Went to a restaurant a few nights ago, one (1) hours drive in one (1) direction, where:

        1. Passenger's side bright light started blinking, about ten (10) seconds "On" ..... followed by about ten (10 seconds "Off" ..... just about (10) minutes from returning & arriving home. Dim lights OK and stayed "On" constantly on both sides.

        2. Ammeter...
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