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29 rear fender braces on pickup

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  • 29 rear fender braces on pickup

    put one on today using 2 bolts thru frame&wood block.does not follow contour of fender very well but did a search with other guy &1 comment say thats the way it question is on outside of brace is a 1/4 inch hole,does that get a carriage bolt that will need to be drilled thru new fenders?none of the catalogs show a bolt like this,just the 4 1/2 x5 1/6 hex. tom

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      Hey bamboo, I don't know about the fender braces as I didn't choose to add them to my truck but would you know where all the bolts go for the bed? I have two large ones going downward in front of rear wheels but that is the only area I can find. There seems one goes in the side behind rear wheel but the kit I have the bolts are to big.


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        One bolt goes on each side at the front of the bed through the Z bracket, see link



        • Beauford
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          Thanks Bob as always!

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        Actually Bob my Brookville bed came with the wood all ready mounted. There are lots of bolts in the "Bed" only bolt kit. some must be already attached holding wood to bed but how many hold bed to frame? I have one on each side as of now...


        • Bob C
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          If I remember correctly four bolts. Two at the front at the Z bracket and two near the end of the frame.
          I see from pAAts post I missed the middle bolt.
          Last edited by Bob C; 08-28-2017, 10:23 PM.

        • pAAt
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          Bob C, a man called Rusty did the hard work, I just transferred the info he sent me. Pat don't know squat and should have posted it here, but thought I would be highjacking Bambooboy thread ! Great Day ahead for the Model A-AA

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        Thank you Bob! I saw Paats post. I will proceed with a rop light and see what I find! Thanks


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          I have wasted half a day trying to figure this out. It took me half the morning to realize there were different sized nuts.

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          Post is deleted. I got my answer. The fender is accurate as shown.

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