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I just received my EVR from Fun Projects

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  • I just received my EVR from Fun Projects

    In reading the instructions it mentions adjusting the 3rd brush. The instructions also mention loosening and tightening the 3rd brush nut. I just rotated the 3rd brush without loosening anything and obviously did not retighten anything either. What am I missing here? I don't want to destroy a new $64 EVR or start a fire.( 6volt + ground)

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    The powerhouse has a screw that needs to be loosened and tightened when adjusting the third brush, but the Autolite (long) generator has spring clips that hold tension and don't get loosened or tightened.


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      Originally posted by Tom Wesenberg View Post
      The powerhouse has a screw that needs to be loosened and tightened when adjusting the third brush, but the Autolite (long) generator has spring clips that hold tension and don't get loosened or tightened.
      I'm pretty sure I have the Autolite generator. That would answer my question. Thank you, sir!


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        I'm asked quite often about brush adjustment and how they work, so hopefully these pictures will help.
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        Identifying Your Generator
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        Over the years generators have been swapped on the Model A's, so now days you can normally have 1 of 4 different styles. First came the 5 brush powerhouse, then the 3 brush powerhouse, then the long generator known as the Autolite style. After Model A production ended and the Model B began, the generator also changed slightly, and now many B style generators can also be found on the Model A. People...
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