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  • Flywheel

    What was the reason to build flywheels so heavy? Common to shave pounds off when doing an overhaul. I'm working on another car with a smaller engine than an A and the flywheel weighs close to #50. There must have been an engineering reason.

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    that is how Henry was able to make a crank without counterweights work


    • Mitch
      Mitch commented
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      It also helps in letting the clutch out without stalling the motor

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    Every car company was still going thru a learning process at the time.

    It was all about momentum and stored energy, supposedly made driving easier. Just let the clutch out and go.


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      Then it seems that flywheel weight was replaced with shear horsepower.


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        Some flywheel weight is replaced with crankshaft counterweights. Clutch discs were also improved with damper springs. Recently I pulled mine out.. solid disc. I hope to see an improvement with a dampened disc and V8 pressure plate as I was told they have a smoother engagement.


        • Mitch
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          Make sure your V-8 pressure plates finger pins are not held in by E clips or you''l be down and out on the side of the road

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        V8clutch/ light flywheel installation options
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        So having researched the threads and the Les Andrews green book 2, is anyone running a lightened flywheel and V8 clutch with out a counter weighted crank? This is related to my other post about perhaps having to change out an unknown sourced pressure plate/ clutch disc setup if the car's owner elects to do that. If no counter weighted crank is used, how much weight should be taken off the flywheel...
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        Model A lightened flywheel profile.
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        Ok, after doing an extensive site search, I have come up blank, so asking here.

        I need some type of a drawing with dimensions to give to my machinist with the lightened flywheel profile. Everyone says "lighten the flywheel" but I can't find a drawing to dictate where and how much meat to remove.

        Thrill me and produce me a picture I can copy and print for the machinist.
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        Just received call from Model A Fellow says when clutch is pushed in Loud noise like machine gun? Any Ideas?? also daily driver about 5000 miles per year.
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        Multi Plate Clutch Info!
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        The inside of the flywheel is the most critical part. If the internal splines are worn to where they have divots from the teeth on the clutch pack rattleing, the clutch will not release well. Also, that flywheel looks from the photo to be the early flywheel with out the releaf for the starter drive, so an early starter would be necessary. The transmission gears look good, so that is a plus, and the...
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        Balanced flywheel
        by bosticjb
        Who does the best job on a balanced flywheel assy and do they balance the flywheel , clutch & Pressure plate all together ?
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        Multi Disc Clutch Info
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        I have the chance to buy this setup and it would have been originally in my truck. Question is, would this be as reliable of a clutch as the newer single disc ? Thanks, Pat
        You do not have permission to view this gallery.
        This gallery has 3 photos.
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        I have a 28 with a multi disc clutch that has just started hanging up.It was fine around Christmas,but when I took off with it a couple of days ago it started hanging up while shifting.What's interesting is that I can push the pedal down and stick it into any gear without so much as a click.It's the 1-2 and 2-3 shift while moving.This isn't a light oil kind of hangup,this is like no disengagement...
        05-09-2021, 06:32 PM
      • OTTAWAED
        Flywheel Surface Depth
        by OTTAWAED
        What is the correct factory distance between the flywheel face and the clutch cover plate mounting surface. Brattons states 1.123 in in their catalogue. I measured 1.179 on an old flywheel which, of course may have been altered. Ed
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        Can’t disengage clutch
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        New clutch plate, good pressure plate and flywheel. Worked good before I pulled engine and tranny for freshen up and repairs.i adjusted pp at just .010” over 11/16”.it grinds gears( all new) and if I get in gear, the car is shuddering trying to move, with the clutch pedal in.Right now, the free play needs to be loosened a turn or two on the trunion. The clutch was purchased from brattons about...
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      • Steve Plucker
        Converting MD Clutch to a SD Clutch system...
        by Steve Plucker
        Has anyone ever converted a Multi-Disc Clutch system to a Single Disc Clutch system on a 1928 Model A/AA Ford YET maintain that 1928 look on the outside of the chassis???

        If so, just what is the procedure to do so?

        Could it be wrote up to include in this fourm???


        11-10-2018, 11:35 AM