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  • Tire pump??

    I was given this tire pump today, my son-in-law was told it is a Model A pump but I don't think it is, maybe Model T. It's a Bridgeport No6, brass and works still.

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    I have a two piston pump and a three piston hand pump, which I bought several years ago.
    I just assumed they both were aftermarket hardware store items.


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      Tom, In a search this is all I came across:

      T"here was a series of articles in "The Model T Times" (Nov-Dec 2006, Jan-Feb 2007 and Mar-April 2007) by Mark Eyre with Dave Renner and Vern Campbell, that seems to summarize what is known re tire pumps. The "take home lesson" appears to be that the Bridgeport Brass dual cylinder (Aeolus and perhaps Improved Aeolus) was used from 1909-1920, and the single cylinder with Ford script was used from 1920-1925 or 1927. In the final article in Mar-April 2007 the change orders and diagrams are included. The first two articles indicated different inclusive dates for the dual and Ford scripted single pumps, and indicated dates of 1926-27 for a single, non-scripted pump with a pressed steel base. The final article concludes that the non-scripted pressed steel base pump is actually for the MODEL A. There is no definitive answer regarding the dates of brass tube scripted vs the steel tube scripted pumps, the brass tube single with Bridgeport Brass and Ford on the underside of the base, or the those with and without the T-1434 on the underside of the base. Ford tools remain an area of confusion."
      "Bullshit and Brilliance Comes with Age and Experience"


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        Here is your answer;


        • mot
          mot commented
          Editing a comment
          I is that the current JS description?(I have to buy a copy)
          it does NOT have a cloth covered hose
          You can see the texture of the fabric under the rubber coating
          we tried to differentiate between a smooth hose and a textured hose
          but there is no cloth coving

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        Originally posted by Mike V. Florida View Post
        Here is your answer;
        I see no dual cylinder there.
        "Bullshit and Brilliance Comes with Age and Experience"


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          Originally posted by Apple Green Wheels Rule View Post

          I see no dual cylinder there.
          The down stroke pushes air from the large cylinder over to the small cylinder, where it is further compressed on the upstroke and enters the hose at the top. It operates on the same principle as a two stage electric air compressor.


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            Originally posted by Apple Green Wheels Rule View Post

            I see no dual cylinder there.
            That's right, there were no mutli cylinder pumps that came with the Model A or even the T.


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