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    Yesterday I borrowed and used a Spark Tester on my car between the coil wire and distributor cap. With the wooden peg I moved the wire inside the tester and saw that I had a spark but could move it so that the spark seemed to break up and there for moved it back to the original position.
    Question is what did I really accomplish by doing this other then to see there is a spark from the coil wire to the distributor cap?

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    A good spark tester does much more than telling you if you have spark. This is mine and with it i can determine A few more things from experience. Such as spark intensity, erratic spark
    A large easy to see neon viewing bulb is essential

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      You also discovered that if you set the gap to wide from cap to rotor, or the gap on the plugs too wide, the spark will fail.

      Which is also why I prefer my shaved cap to a clear cap because with that in place you can accurately measure the distance between rotor and cap, since it does hold the distributor body fixed instead of possibly rattling around on the top of the distributor.
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