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  • Luray, VA Car Museum

    Took the kids to Luray Caverns, New Market Battlefield, zip lining, Ropes course, drive through zoo and a car museum for a weekend in the mountains. Here are some of the vehicles they had...alot of T's but only two A's. Great place!! The last picture is a car from my era. LOL
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    hey who said you could go out there and have fun!!?? LOL


    • Beauford
      Beauford commented
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      It was fun! Except there was a night the prison siren went off and we are in a cabin in the middle of no where...had to beef up security @ the cabin by getting something out my glove box. LOL

    • Michael M
      Michael M commented
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      Beauford, how does a road map beef up security???
      Last edited by Michael M; 08-27-2017, 07:32 PM.

    • Mitch
      Mitch commented
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      Nice photos thanks for sharing them

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    Us Texans have a lot of roadmaps......
    and the best Castle law in the country


    • Beauford
      Beauford commented
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      Yes you do! I like being able to shoot as they are running out the house with your stuff. Here in VA you would go to prison!! I have roadmaps in strange places all over the house. LOL

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    Some Cutaway Pictures from the Model A Museum
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    We Made it.. The Model A Museum on Display!!!
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    I am very honored and happy to share with the VFF that after 9 years of work, 494 points and the Henry Award, MOE, AACA, Val's 29 Roadster is now on display at the Model A Ford Museum at Gilmore in Hickory Corners Michigan. It will be there for a while so I hope you can all get to see it. We are very proud! (better pics later).
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    SNEAKY little B*****D's
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  • pAAt
    Tom ! If you were a friend you'd stop me now !!!
    by pAAt
    Transmission tear down ! Gears are worn some, but Tom will tell me the truth on if there OK to use. Dirty, dirty, and dirty day ! Just love it, maybe 2 showers, go jo, gas, and another shower !
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    05-02-2018, 05:01 PM