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    Ok, I notice goofy things. While looking for my first car the past month I have seen 3 garden hose reels made from Model A spoke rims. Some rusty patina, others painted and nice. How many others on here have one? I am on the search now for a couple rims to make them. One each for the front and back of the house.

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    Friend, Rick, has a 17" wire wheel for his hose. For LONG hoses, you need a WIDE, DEEP Mag wheel. Now, if you could devise a way for it to UNREEL, whin you turned it on & SCARE your LOYAL Dog!---LOL
    Bill W.


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        I use my hand crank plastic garden hose reel to wind up my 100' air hose. A few years ago I got 3 hose reels for free on the curbside. Also got some plastic garden hose that kinks up real easy, and should have stayed in the garbage can. I see the picture posted here looks like the nice hose like my green air hose, that stays soft in cold weather. I didn't know they made garden hose like that also.


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          Is that APPLE GREEN?


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            Yes it is! Not mine, belongs to the fellow here local that paints and restores these things. I have to make me one.


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              I have A wheel on my shop wall holding my air hose, no picture I will take one tonight when I get home.
              1928 speedster
              1929 closed cab p/u
              1930 standard roadster
              1931 deluxe tudor sedan
              1967 ss/rs conv.camaro


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                I know of a YELLOW House, EVERYTHING out front is YELLOW, including the HOSE REEL/HOSE/TABLE & CHAIRS/LAWN SWING/LEMON TREE/ETC---Whut color do you think their Caddy is? But, it has WHITEWALL TIRES--LOL
                Bill W.


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                  I made an "A" hose reel out of two junk wheels, a 19" & a 21". I wanted a wider reel also. The 19" wheel I left as is, the 21" wheel I cut around the rim where it matched the diameter of the very edge of the 19" wheel, this gave me two hoops with rolled edge of the 21" wheel. I then welded them to the edges of the 19" wheel. Ended up with a 21" X 7" wheel & painted it red, adding a metal valve stem & 5 lug nuts. Took a 31-31 hub cap and cut a center hole on the lathe to match the hole a 28-29 hub cap needs and snapped them together. The whole thing looks great but makes the brain do a double take till you figure it out! it wobbles something terrible but then it's not supposed to rotate. I thought about making a pair to put on the back of my '28 roadster pickup but couldn't find any tires to fit either the wheels or under the fenders.


                  • Mitch
                    Mitch commented
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                    What is the best way to hang the rim on the wall?

                  • CarlG
                    CarlG commented
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                    Could you use a rear spare mount from a sedan or coupe?

                  • dmdeaton
                    dmdeaton commented
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                    I am sure you could use the rear spare mount

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                  I saw one recently also!


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