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Installing new brake shoes

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  • Installing new brake shoes

    Have removed the rear brake shoes from the rear brake system BUT left the emergency brake carrier plate intact.

    Now I want to install the rear brake shoes (with new pads) and find that it is going to be a not so fun job.

    Is there any special tools or tricks that one should know about to accomplish this task?

    It probably would be better to remove the emergency brake carrier plate from the backing plate but if I can accomplish the task without doing so, that would be great.


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    I always remove the carrier, it's just 4 nuts and you won't be fighting with it. The last time i tried to do it assembled I screwed up a spring and nicked up my finger from slipping off
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      Done...not as bad as I thought.



      • Mitch
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        Well which way did u do it?????

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