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  • Oil pump test

    Can you test the oil pump by pulling the side gage plug, cranking the engine over by hand, counting the revolution and measuring the oil displaced ?
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    Good question Pat. I can't remember ever doing that in all my years. If I were in need of checking the working of the oil pump, I think that you could just unscrew the plug and screw in whatever low pressure gauge you had laying around into the hole to see if it worked.

    I'm not sure that hand cranking would result in the pump raising the pressure enough to get oil up that high.

    Hey, it's worth a try, I mean, give'er a shot and see what happens and report back.

    If no joy, try pulling the plugs and just starter cranking it, I would think that would give better results.
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      You would need more speed then a hand crank... use the starter motor...,.you can also loosen the oil drain tube up, when the valve chamber fills it will come out of would be more delayed taking this route
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        Mitch and Wiz, I have the plug out and when I crank it over by hand the oil comes out rather nicely. I have to plug the hole with my finger or I get a lot of oil on my floor. I just figured there might be some sorta mathematical formula for that. I do like your idea of taking it from the upper most level of flow, because it probably takes another 1/4 lb of pressure to get it up there.
        Model A's and of course the famous AA's


        • Mitch
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          Really.. OK that's good info i never tried it that way
          if your getting pressure like that most likely your good..

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        Hand crank turns the crankshaft. CS gear turns tha camshaft gear @1/2 speed, cam turns the dizz/ oil pump drive. You have a good pump, and or a strong arm! :-)


        • Mitch
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          i wonder if he did it with the plugs in lol

        • pAAt
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          Thanks Big Hammer, I can check that off my bucket list.

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