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    This is the generator that was on the car when I received it in 1993. It has performed well, and I am trying to determine its origin. It has the oilers at both ends and two wires coming from the grommeted hole where the stud to the cutout is usually found. One of the wires is connected to the cutout, the other is a ground to the one of the cutout screws. The pulley is two piece, riveted together, with the short tapir. The band covering the brush area has a semicircular indentation for where the cutout stud would be but if moved to that position will expose about 1/4" of the interior of the generator. Obviously too narrow for the generator.

    I have a cutout on it now because the Fun Projects regulator (disguised as a cutout) I have had for at least 15 years started giving discharge readings at low RPM which it has not done previously, so may be at the end of it's life. Changes to the movable brush did not change the discharge reading. The cutout I have on the generator came with it and appears to have been serviced as the welds were broken, the coils and whole interior very clean, and the points look like new. The cover has the Ford script and a B stamped at the battery terminal. I have it adjusted for a 4 amp charge at high idle for daytime driving (I seldom if ever drive the car at night). The adjusting brush of the generator is at about the 2:00 o'clock position.

    Any comments on the generator and/or cutout would be appreciated.
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