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Clear Distributor Cap to Help Diagnose Ignition Problems

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  • Clear Distributor Cap to Help Diagnose Ignition Problems

    Just came across this, and there are only 6 left. A clear cap comes in handy for checking ignition problems.

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    If you miss the six you can still get in on this one, it's only at $75 .



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      Originally posted by Bob C View Post
      If you miss the six you can still get in on this one, it's only at $75 .

      Man.......I should buy the remaining 6 and resell them on ebay. LOL


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        Only 2 left now.


        • Mitch
          Mitch commented
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          You deserve a commission from the seller

        • Ruth
          Ruth commented
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          Doubt he will run out, it's back up to 50 available.

        • pAAt
          pAAt commented
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          $7.99 for quantities of 10 or more ! Find some friends and save

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        I hope it fits better than the recent black ones sold from the vendors. About 3 months ago I got one from internet order wouldn't even fit on the distributor body. Three months later I stopped at the local dealer and their cap had been machined out, not centered about 3/32" too much sloppy fit. Still waiting for better fit distributor bodies, caps and rotors that fit, don't crack, and rotors that have a 1/8" longer spring tab.


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          *rolls eyes* Ok guys, I know this started out as a joke, but the joke has just gone on way too long. I needed something to check the spark and make sure the dist. body was seated fully to check the gap from the rotor. So I took an old cap and did a bit of grinding on it, and O'boy does it work great.
          Now I don't think you could use a whacksaw on this as the Bakelite is kinda brittle, but my belt sander worked wonders, and frankly, all you really need are the tabs for the clips to hold it on.
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          • Mitch
            Mitch commented
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            Clean the rust of ya spark plug connector posts

          • CarlG
            CarlG commented
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            Seems like I remember that NuRex made one like that as a part of a kit.

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          That's what they did many, many, many years ago before clear plastic. Not anything new, except to you. :D
          Paul in CT


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            Actually i prefer to use my spark tester for diagnosis

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              ALL THIS, jist to SEE "something" happening????----"Maybe" we should STRIP the insulation from ALL our wires & wrap them in Saran-Wrap????
              Dad Puzzled


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                If you want to see some neat sparks, build a Jacob's ladder and power it with an old furnace igniter. I saw one last year at the local threshing show.


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                  Hurry quick only 45 left this morning they must of had babies over night got ,some vendors will put anything to get you to buy


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                    NuRex does sell these partial covers and they work well. I bought a kit that contained the timing angle for the #1 plug that mounts near the pulley because that was what I wanted. It came with a few other items. This cover does work and allows you to watch the action as you idle. I bought this about 7 months ago.


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                      A Guy LOST his top cap, in the EMERGENCY, he fashioned a connector, using a POPSICLE Stick!
                      Bill Seeneverything


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                        Well, my clear cap came in today's mail, but it isn't as nice as I expected it to be. I heard about Mike's having these made and selling them a year or two ago, but customers were complaining about fine cracks in the plastic, so Mike's quit selling them. I wonder if these aren't the rejects and are being resold with some clear repair poured on the inside for added strength. It's a little bumpy where the liquid was poured in, and the cap has some very light fine scratches from handling.

                        It will serve OK as a diagnostic tool to check the spark going to each terminal, but they should be about half the price due to poor quality. Actually the fine crack wouldn't really hurt anything, and I'd prefer that to having the liquid poured in as a repair.


                        • Mitch
                          Mitch commented
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                          i would write the seller and ask whats up!

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