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    I just installed all my gas fittings and bowl seems real slow...kinda a fast drip filling up. should it be doing this or filling up quickly? I have one of those filter screens on the on/off valve. I did evapo rust and rinsed the inside clean yet a magnet did find a good amount of rust deposit.

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    The bowl maybe air locked
    loosen the hold down to get the air out, watch the paint...
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      Damn that paint!!! I took off the inside line and it dribble from on/off valve. letting more Evap eat and will check in morning.


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        Beauford, also, place the gas cap on loose. It could just be a non-vented radiator cap, they look the same from the outside.
        You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


        • Beauford
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          First thing I thought of but it is the gas cap....I blew compressed air into valve and hear bubbling in tank but I just don't get a stream at the valve...valve is new with new filter.

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        I'd run gas through a cloth into a bucket several times from the tank outlet until no more junk collects on the cloth, then install the screen and valve.


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          I found the problem....When I had to re-tap the valve hole I had test fitted the valve. It fit and went into a box before painting. Guess where all the brass shavings the valve. I was blowing on one side of the valve and it was very little air. I blew through other side and out popped a bunch of shavings....operator error once again!!


          • DaWizard
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            D'oh !! I do hope you cleaned out the rest of the system as those shaving WILL find their way into everything!!

          • BNCHIEF
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            That is how we all learn, most important thing is how much fun you are having solving problems.

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          I have a screen...and the tank has been flushed for the fourth time..


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