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    About a month ago I posted about my 30 Town Sedan that was registered in Vermont up to 1991 but never had a title (VT does not issue for cars over 15 years old). I sold to a friends dad in Michigan. We could not find an actual copy of the registration (plates had the stickers on) and VT just dismissed me stating they no longer keep anything older than 2004.

    I am happy to say that the state of Michigan was very helpful for him to get this registered. The state requested proof that my father had the car. All I had was a few years of the invoices from Condon & Skelly insurance that did show the engine number on them. They also requested a copy of my dad's death certificate and a copy of his trust showing me as the trustee, and then my mother's signature on a simple form showing her agreement to sell. The buyer then purchased a surety bond for $100. Now Michigan has registered the car and I think they send a title to him in two years if nobody has laid claim to the car with proof of ownership.

    It was very obvious that MI was trying hard to make this work and they won me over. KUDDO's for them.

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    Glad it worked out...I bought my project in VA with no title. I'm wondering how hard this is going to be?? I've looked @ the DM't site but seems a little confusing. I don't even have a bill of sale. The man has passed since I bought everything so this is going to be really hard....


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    I wound up having to get my AA title bonded also. I did that through my Insurance company. $153 and 3 years to get a clear Minnesota title.
    Model A's and of course the famous AA's


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      Beau-I just went through this process in VA. It takes 8-9 weeks. Start out by going to your local DMV and do whatever they say. If the person at the counter doesn't know, ask for the supervisor. You will end up sending a form or two to the "Vehicle Branding Department" (honest!) in Richmond. They in turn will have you submit more forms including a Bill of Sale (see if you can use a cancelled check). When they get the forms they will send out an "enforcement officer" (cop car, laptop on the front seat, badge) to check the car over. If you let them, they will drill two holes in the door frame and put on a state VIN plate. Prevent this from happening by including with your documentation a picture of the engine number and a picture of the frame where the frame number might be (cross brace by left heel). I copied my state elected representative's office on all correspondence and included all attachments and photos to them as well. In my case the "enforcement officer"showed up with the title in hand already completed with my engine number on it. He also gave me the state's metal VIN tag with two rivets. The VIN number matched the engine so I keep the state's metal VIN tag in the door pocket.


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        WOW....thanks, I think. HAHAHA I do not have a visable frame #. It wouldn't match anyway as it is cannibalized from many vehicles...


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          Luckily numbers matching car and no issues with a bonded title here. 1 picture and $100 for the surity bond, $75 to the state DMV, a quick simple $10 inspection of the engine number. Stuffud all of the paper work along with the check into an envelope and had the bonded title in the mail 10 days later. After 3 years with no claims made on the car, now have an original title. Rod
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