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  • Two day poll

    Which supplier do you buy the majority of your Model A parts from.
    I need this information for a project that I am working on.
    Your votes are private.
    Mikes Affordable

    The poll is expired.

    3 ~ Tudor's
    Henry Ford said
    "It's all nuts and bolts"

    Mitch's Auto Service ctr

  • #2
    I also buy from berts when in denver, brattons are great as well. Have bought some from Mikes as well can't say anything bad about any of them. Macs is another story.


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      Berts is always my first choice, but also at times buy from Birdhaven Vintage, A&L and Brattons. Have some bad blood with Snyders but from time to time have bought from them on a few things you can not get anywhere else and I am sure some of the parts bought from Berts were supplied by Snyders. Never done any business with Mac's or Tams, never needed to. Rod
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        Steve at Berts is hard to beat and as honest as they come. Has a great bunch of guys working for him as well.


        • Big hammer
          Big hammer
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          I would like to retire and go to work at Bert's, too far a commute :-)

        • BNCHIEF
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          BNCHIEF commented
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          When I go visit my son in denver I always go down to see the guys, my wife calls it an old guys daycare center.

        • mhsprecher
          mhsprecher commented
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          "my wife calls it an old guys daycare center."

          Too funny! Do they charge extra for that?

        • BNCHIEF
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          BNCHIEF commented
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          It's free to get in Steve charges to get out.

      • #5
        You forgot MAC'S. LOL ;)


      • #6
        We have Mike's as an advertiser in our chapter newsletter and I always try to support the advertisers first. Since last October I have not had a problem with any of the vendors, including CW Moss, specially when I find something on Ebay from Macs and get it for less than catalogue price with FREE shipping !!

        Now, I have had trouble with Vintique as a supplier, but CW Moss actually stood tall for that one. Great folk at Moss.
        You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


        • #7
          I have been buying from Snyders since 1970. Most of the time I buy from them.


          • #8
            Snyders mainly and some from Bert's.
            Model A's and of course the famous AA's


            • #9
              I generally buy from Brattons. Very good service and their catalogue is easy to read.


              • #10
                Berts is great but since Bratton's is right up the road I pay the cheapest shipping and always here the next day. LOL


                • #11
                  I voted Snyder's, but truth be known, it's a toss up between Snyder's and Berts. I have bought from everyone on the list except Tams. I have also bought quite a few things from Sacramento Vintage Ford, which isn't on the list.
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                  • #12
                    How come I can't vote more than once?;)


                  • #13
                    I haven't had the need :D to order anything in the past couple of years from Snyder's, Bert's or Bratton's. I have made a few trips to A&L though.
                    Paul in CT A&L is about 20 miles from me and Tam's about 65.


                    • #14
                      Bratton's first choice then Snyder's if I need original parts I call Berts.
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                        Originally posted by BNCHIEF View Post
                        How come I can't vote more than once?;)
                        I think only people in Chicago and New Jersey can vote more than once. LOL

                        BTW, does BN in your name stand for Burlington Northern?


                        • #16
                          Yes it does I was a chief in the air force so a lot of my friends call me that. Since chief is a popular name on forums I added the bn, I grew up as a boy watching the santa fe here in kansas. And now it is bnsf. I want to see that up bigboy in 2 years when they fire it up.


                          • #17
                            I too would like to see that running Chief. *sighs* Alas, it will not come to California due to the pollution laws. That is why the last steam to travel into So Cal, the Daylight, UP8444 had to stop at Ontario and not make it to LA. I guess to make it to LA cost too much in bribery money.

                            Interesting tidbit about the BigBoy. When they were preparing it for movement out here at the Pomona fair grounds, they were giving a once over lube job and when they oiled the last journal and connecting rod, the oil broke loose the only binding agent and it actually rolled off the end of the short piece of track it was resting on. It is a good thing they had not started placing the rail panels before it for the move.

                            One of the best things about growing up here in So Cal is having the 3 major railroads around here. I remember sitting at the top of Cajon Pass and collecting telegraphers train orders with my dad. Now after working for Union Pacific for 25 years, I finally understand what those train orders really were.
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                            You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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                            Doesn't Santa Fe 3751 run out of LA ??
                            Attached Files


                            • BNCHIEF
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                              BNCHIEF commented
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                              Bob I thought it did.

                            • DaWizard
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                              DaWizard commented
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                              It is actually stored out behind the fly-over for Metrolink at the San Bernadino station, so technically, it runs out of San Bernadino.

                              At least that is the last place I saw it stored at.

                              I just looked at Google earth map and the track I last saw it at has been removed, so for now, it could be at the Amtrak roundhouse in LA.

                              WooHoo, Found it!! It is sitting at the Amtrak roundtable in E. LA.


                              Let's see if that links to the roundtable pic. WooHoo!! the link works right to the roundtable.
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                          • #19
                            I NEVER rode a train, but it's NOT on my BUCKET List, since the Dog: found a HOLE in it:
                            Dad Nobeer


                          • #20
                            I've known Walt since 81 ish, was lucky to grow up a few miles from his homes. Only 15 minutes from me now, my shipping is cheapest, ain't none. Bratton's is top notch, as I'm sure others may be as well.


                            • #21
                              add my name to the berts list .kenp


                              • #22
                                Bratton's then Mike's. Bratton'is only 60 or so miles away. Next day delivery if I order early. My issue with Snyders is that they give you no account so there's no way to go back online and see previous orders.


                                • #23
                                  Tam’s attends the Stowe flea market each year and I pick up an order from him there. Saves a lot on shipping and other assorted costs.


                                  • #24
                                    Another vote for Synders


                                    • #25
                                      Bratton's then Snyder's- parts I bought from them 25 years ago are still going strong, fit well, and look good.


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