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Water wetter and rain x

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  • Water wetter and rain x

    This product called water wetter looks like it would be a good product to use in our model a's

    How many use rain-x how does it work in conjunction with your wipers also does it help wiper blades keep from squeaking?

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    we use both with very good results


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      Thanx Tbird

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    I used water wetter and distilled water on my rebuild engine while breaking it in :-) Now antifreeze.
    Rain-x is get stuff, above 45mph I don't need my wipers, in my modern cars, haven't used it on the "A"


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      i really like the rain-ex on the vintage cars since their wipers are more a decoration anyway


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        My wiper works just wondering if rain-x improves it.


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          the rainex will keep the entire glass clear, not so much the wiper. we love rainex here!


          • BNCHIEF
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          My buddy swears by Water Wetter vs. antifreeze. I seem to have read that the boiling point of antifreeze is lower than either water or water with water wetter. I did remove my AF and put in a Water Wetter solution. It didn't seem to affect the car temp significantly.

          Rain X is great for all cars, especially old ones, for all the reasons listed above. Great for modern cars, as you don't need to turn on the wipers right away. It seems logical that they might not squeak as much with Rain X, but I have not conducted any experiments.


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            Rain X works great. I apply it to my Tudor's windshield in the spring and fall. I'm not out in the rain very much, but when I am I don't even need to worry about trying to use the wipers.

            For the moderns, I use their windshield washer solvent in the reservoirs and it is very effective.


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              I use Water Wetter with distilled water in the summer as my 31 Slant Town Sedan seems to run a bit cooler. I change over to a 50/50 mix of Sierra antifreeze and distilled water for the winter since I drive my car year-round. Rain-X also works very well on my windshield and helps my little wiper work better but if driving at speed, I do not need the wiper. I also use Rain-X on my wind wings for better side visibility.


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                Good points have never tried either yet but am planning too.


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                  If you "THINK" it runs cooler with WATER-WETTER, it "DOES"---It's like taking a SUGAR pill!---BUT, a SUGAR pill WON'T substitute for an ANTI-PAIN-PILL, trust me. I'm waitin' for my VICODIN to "kick" in, it takes 27 LONG MINUTES!!
                  Bill Patient


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                    Set yer watch by that pill, do ya?

                  • CarlG
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                    I'm still waiting for the pharmacy to refill my Viox prescription. The crap they replaced it with doesn't work worth *@#%&*

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                  Friend, Rick, has to get a "P" test, EVERY time, to get a refill!
                  I've been on VICODIN, for 22 years, to keep MOBILE. For me, they work well, like they were originally formulated to work. They've become like a part of my Body Chemistry.
                  Dr. Bill Mobile


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