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    Noticed my parking light in my two bulb buckets wont light on pass side. Switched bulbs and still nothing. Checked yellow green red and they are correct. Clipped test light to socket and ground and nothing. Any suggestions? My LEDs headlights work fine so there is power there.

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    Originally posted by Beauford View Post
    Clipped test light to socket and ground and nothing.
    I don't understand that sentence

    Are you trying to use the testlight as a jumper wire? If so you can’t do that with a testlight
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    • Beauford
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      Used a jump wire as well. Could it be in the switch?

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    If the left parking light works OK, then the problem isn't in the light switch. Unplug the harness at the headlamp and make sure you have voltage at the parking light wire. If you do, then check the light sockets for proper contact. That means the connector socket and the light bulb socket. I like the original connectors, and have not had trouble with them.


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      My guess is a grounding issue. The ground path for the parking lights is pretty convoluted. Like you, my passenger side parking light frequently goes out and a firm tap from the palm of my hand on the top of the headlight usually gets it back.


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        Like the Fonz!

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      if your headlights are working, you have a good ground. So either the headlight connector isn't making a good connection, or the problem is in the light switch on the bottom of the steering column. My bet would be the headlight connector.

      Disconnect headlamp connector and use your test light on each of the 3 wires (Bright / Dim / Parking) You should get your test light to illuminate depending on Light Switch position. If that works as expected, look at the connections. They are known to be troublesome.

      If still no power to the parking lamps - There are different wires for the left and right side, but they should both terminate on the same lug on the steering column light switch. Solder the wires on the light switch connectors if they are just slide-on.


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        GRutter, I believe it is the light socket.....the headlights are two years old...uggghhhh


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          Does anyone make a decent socket yet or are they all still problematic?


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            Here is an article that Mark did on repairing sockets. This is in the VFF tech forum

            3~ Tudor's & 1~ Coupe
            Henry Ford said,
            "It's all nuts and bolts"
            "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

            Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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