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leaking transmission oil from shift tower

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  • leaking transmission oil from shift tower

    I'm leaking oil from shifter how do I fix this
    thank you

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    It doesn't look like it's leaking enough to worry about, but I am surprised to see any leaking out the top by the ball pivot.

    Mine shows a slight bit of oil leaking by the 1/8" vent hole.


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      Make sure the vent hole that Tom mentioned is open and not blocked with dirt, debris or paint, use a paperclip or such to check that.
      I have also seen certain trans fluid cocktail brews foam to much.
      if you had the trans top off and filled the fluid that way, there is the possibility that it could be overfull if the fill plug was not removed to obtain the proper level... just another thought
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        I think I see your problem, its that shifter knob, its is so cool ! Tom & Mitch are right for your concerns :-)


          BILL WILLIAMSON commented
          Editing a comment
          I read of one Guy that filled it ALMOST to the top, when he had the shift tower OFF!!
          Bill W.

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        You may have a backyard 'snake oil' mix in there, brewed with non-compatable additives. That would account for foaming. If you mix an EP gear oil with detergent engine oil you will get a foam that puts Starbucks baristas to shame. Time to drain, flush, replace.

        Although it is not necessary to remove the top for a quick flush, some people like to do so just to inspect. As Bill mentioned, DO NOT overfill and DO NOT run the engine with the tranny top off!


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          thanks for the replies I am using lucas oil stabiazer how full should it be I fill it to top of the fill hole just before it starts to come out. thank you big hammer for the comment on the shifter
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            Originally posted by kwisor View Post
            thanks for the replies I am using lucas oil stabiazer . . .
            Lucas stabilizer is known to cause volume expansion by air entrainment and foaming. There are several YouTube videos that show this.


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              Originally posted by MikeK View Post

              Lucas stabilizer is known to cause volume expansion by air entrainment and foaming. There are several YouTube videos that show this.
              This sounds like his "PROBLEM"---
              Bill W.


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                Sludge in the bottom of the pan is common due to non-detergent oil. If 10 years of non-detergent and 10+ modern detergent oil and engine build; then it seems like the sludge would be cleaned out. I still had a good layer of about 3/8 inch.

                I did not check when the pan was off, but suspect a good amount of oil is in the pan below the drain hole. With the engine tilt it seems like there...
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