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Timing check, no test light required

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    Timing check, no test light required

    This is from Larry Brumfield,

    Here’s a good and easy and accurate way to check to make sure you have your engine correctly timed. No test light required.

    Remove #1 spark plug and position it so you can see the plug spark by laying it on its side to touch a head nut for ground. Attach a wire from the distributor body to the plug to conduct the spark to the plug.

    Remove the other 3 spark plugs so the crank will be easier to turn. Remove the timing pin from the front cover and insert it back in the hole using the round end. Push the spark lever all the way up to the fully retarded position. Put the trans in neutral. Turn on the ignition. Take a hand crank and begin turning the engine over to allow the #1 piston to rise on the compression stroke. When nearing the top of the stroke, apply pressure with your fingers on the timing pin so you can feel it when the pin moves into the little dimple on the timing gear. In other words, you will be doing as one does when setting the timing.

    The very instant you feel the timing pin slide into the dimple, you should see a spark at the spark plug!