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Early Ford grease tool?

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  • Early Ford grease tool?

    New member here, and am hoping to learn what this tool is here. Acquired in a boxful of items at a recent auction. First pic is a tag attached to the tool...second pic the tool itself. No markings anywhere, but it's a greasing tool of sorts. KIMG0842.JPGKIMG0839.JPG

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    Welcome to the VFF!
    Wow! Super cool tool.
    I'm scratching my head on this one...first glance, I thought it was for leaf springs, but I don't think so now after closer examination.
    I'll sit back and watch this one and learn with you. . Jeff
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        Hey notme, WELCOME to the VFF!!

        Kewl tool, I never seen one like that before.
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          Originally posted by notme View Post
          Looking at Google images of a spring shackle leads me to agree it's for hooking onto and greasing said piece. Looking at this pic you'll see the hook that would hold the tool into place for greasing. KIMG0843.JPG


          • JDupuis
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            . Ok! I can picture that.
            That hook reaches the back of the shackle and the 2 bolt heads cover the old style grease fittings. Can be individually tightened up and grease forced in by the modern fitting.

          • Bobm90
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            Seems like a little overkill, If you had to force grease in with this tool wouldn't you be forcing dirt and gunk into the shackle, wouldn't it be time to remove and clean or replace the fittings. Henry gave us a cute little grease gun to use for this.

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          Welcome to the VFF, I have to go along with Jeff, I thought it might be some kind of puller but now not sure, gonna wait and find out from the experts , whatever it is I am sure some guy on here owns 1 or 2 of them.
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            Welcome notme to the VFF!!
            It looks like some sort of a greasing tool.
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              Well if it is a spring greaser, then I can't see how it would work. If the spring is in the car then it is hooked up and can't be bent to grease the leaf above it. If it is out of the car then just take it apart and grease it. Unless I am missing something.



              • JDupuis
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                Mike, I'm thinking shackles
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              • 1930artdeco
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                OK. Sorry, now I understand.

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              It’s definitely a contraption of sorts
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