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  • Stanchion rubber

    Any one know the slot the rubber gasket goes in? With the shield closed it looks like to would be in the outside groove but there is the middle one as well. Is the rubber when shield is closed on the outside or inside of shield? I would assume out?? What the hell I know...

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    Need to post a picture or something, as you've lost me here. Any stanchions I've ever seen only have one slot.


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      Randy...the center slot seems too big for the correct rubber I have.
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        The center slot is the only place it can go. I had to glue the last ones I did as they kept working loose.

        I honestly don't know which side of the windshield it should be on - mine seems to prefer being on the inside and since I'm not concerned about getting water in (never drive it in the rain) I leave it there. Placed on the outside seems to most logical, unless you fold your windshield out often, but then it will be on the inside when you rotate the windshield back in!!. Maybe someone else will chime in in this regard or maybe you can find a good picture among all the ones of Mark Maron's roadster that Mitch posted.
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        • Beauford
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          Thanks for the visual aid!! It just doesnt seem to be think enough to stay in there but will give it another try! Thanks so much!!

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        I put silicone on the glass and it just drags and tears...
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