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  • Rattles, Leaks

    Chasing rattles and leaks above and beyond what is "normal" for an A, whatever that is, is difficult without comparison to a "rattle/ leak" free car.
    Some recent observations on A late '31 tn sedan with minimal wood structure and new engine:
    Rear view clock meter spring rattle (wind the clock!)); peep mirrors on top of door edges; spark /throttle rods ( add some minimal spray insulation as suggested thru tiny hole); baffles inside muffler( Gland ring found inside); front doors (raise hinge pillars at cowl body bolts); floor board edging material missing; seat track bolts loose; add small o rings to door and window inside handles at escutcheons in addition to upholstery panel springs where indicated.

    Add thread sealer to rear end bango bolts, front oil pan bolts, front motor mount bolt, side oil pipe gaskets seal and bolt threads, thinner cork gasket with proper bolt tightening at oil pan;, water leaks solved with new radiator/ hoses/ non stock clamps ( original style wouldn't close up properly ? ). Add viton tip float valve at carb, carb mating surfaces filed with proper gasket and float height, added modern ball valve in gas line to carb as insurance.
    Most of this is common sense but many items were overlooked.
    Would like to hear from others' experiences.

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    Mine is leak free.
    But, rattles, bizillians of those. I use them as the speedometer. Different rattles for different speeds.


    • Mitch
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      I like your thinking

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    Those hood holders that mount on the radiator support rods are notorious for rattles. I put the wife's hair bungees on each side to hold them tight.

    The upper r/s upper water pump mounting stud goes into the coolant, so if your working on that seal those threads
    3~ Tudor's & 1~ Coupe
    Henry Ford said,
    "It's all nuts and bolts"
    "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

    Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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      A Models are only QUIET, when they're TURNED OFF-OFF!!
      Bill W.


      • DaWizard
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        Indeed !!

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      We just added a $5 NAPA universal silent block muffler hanger to the rear. A couple of sawcuts and 3 bends to the holed strap, a little paint and it was done. Will see how it performs especially with float a motor mounts.


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        I like your thinking
        end quote

        Thanks, so do I ! But, we're in short company, not many others do.[ smiley face]


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          I remember in the past this being brought up and I think it was George Miller that commented one of the bolts holes near the camshaft at the back of the block goes through. Well the last time I forgot to seal that bolt when I put it back together. And yes she was a leaker. I also discovered the hole on the left side above the crankshaft journal goes through. So it's sealer for both of those bolts...
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          So as I expected the rear oil leak that I thought I had solved with some RTV still has just a small weep at rear pan cork seal. I put tracer dye in motor oil, ran the truck a bit and checked it this morning. Just a small amount that runs a little line 1/4 way across oil pan but not enough to drip. (I can live with that) My real concern going over the rest of the car with Ultraviolet light was a drop...
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          08-11-2017, 12:17 PM
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          Something that I am wondering....

          After rebuilding a few Zenith carburetors I have found another source for what I would call "spacers" for use on adjusting the height of the Cap and Main Jets.

          My question is, are the gasket/spacers used to set the height of these two jets also used to seal the threads to the carb body, or can something else like a steel "washer"
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          Several threads have popped up here about various oil leaks.
          Well, on vintage stuff, ya gonna have'em.
          But we try to keep them small.

          If you think you have a rear main leak, Rich Fallucca has a good read on this:

          BUT there is one more thing to check, and it might be worth it to check this first:
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          Pics of my small leak...
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          Rear radius
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          While putting in some new backing plate bolts releasing the rear radius they now do not want to line up with the holes. How is this possible?? I tried removing large center bolt which did not help so I re-attached and was able to get drivers side done but had to use a pry bar at rear between backing plate and V in radius for the top bolt to go in. The passenger side is way off more on top hole of...
          12-25-2017, 06:43 PM
        • ClaudeC
          installing the oil pan.
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          I about ready to install my oil pan....I know the pan gasket comes in two halves, I know there is a rope gasket at the front of the pan. Are there any other pieces of gasket that I must be aware? I purchased an entire engine gasket set.
          01-30-2018, 05:28 PM
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          Home Made Tool: Float Adjusting Bowl
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          I reworked an old carb base that was damaged at the secondary well and turned it into a bowl to properly adjust the float. I placed a gasket on the lower half of the carb and measured down ⅝ of an inch and milled a ⅝ inch hole through the casting. Next I use a ¾ inch mill to create a counter bore/rim where I siliconed in a circular piece of clear lexan to create a peep hole to monitor the level/height...
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