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Cooling and block treatment Question

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  • Cooling and block treatment Question

    Mitch I looked at your link for thermocare my engine had been rebuilt and tanked but i am sue it is not like new if one uses the thermocare i assume you drain the anti-freeze add this product and distilled water and drive the car .
    How long and then you drain and flush it out and put back in the 50/50 antifreeze mix.
    What about water wetter
    What can you add that will keep rust from reforming(anti-freeze should take care of that.
    Would a gano filter be a good idea for a driver.
    Would like to know your thoughts on this since you run a shop.

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    Here are the instructions right off the site link along with a video! I used this stuff a couple times and it seemed to work good. The other route i would take is to use the standard evapo-rust
    3 gall and let the car sit for a week. With either method you need to flush everything through with water before doing the treatment. As far as re rusting i am a proponent of using antifreeze especially since living in a climate that freezes, so flushing out the product when your done and refilling with your favorite brand should help prevent that issue. If your running any kind of filter or thermostat in the upper hose i would remove it before treating. You can also get some after treatment flushing tips in the Tech Forum that Tom W posted or for a not so bad system i usually run a pipe off the upper hose over the front of the car and start the motor to flush.

    1. drain and flush out coolant

    Drain coolant and add one quart of THERMOCURE.
    2. Fill & Drive

    Fill radiator to the top with water. Drive the vehicle for 3-4 hours up to several days to remove extensive rust. You may drive the car normally during this period. Once the engine has cooled completely, drain the cooling system.
    3. Flush & Refill

    Flush the cooling system twice with water. Refill the cooling system with high quality coolant mixed to the manufacturer's specification with water.
    Do not use THERMOCURE in freezing temperature. THERMOCURE does not protect your engine from freezing.

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      Ok just wanted to be clear on this since this is a new brassworks radiator and a leakless pump thought this way i would insure block is clean always run anti-freeze and distilled water 50//50 we get as cold here as you guys do.


      • Mitch
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        The only thing that gives me a concern is breaking loose any pieces of crap in the block and having that get caught in your new radiator. Probably in your case i would go the 3 gallon route and let the car sit. then drain it out and flush as i mentioned with a pipe over the front of the car. this way anything that comes loose not dissolved will go out via the flush pipe and not lodge into the radiator. take a rag or equivalent and stuff it into the opening in the radiator where you took the hose off from. keep a strong flow of water going into the radiator and start the motor...or use Toms pump method with the upper hose off as mentioned

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      I "wonder" if using STRONG cleaners "might" be tough on the Leakless Water Pump seals????---"Maybe" just pop on an OLD pump, first????
      Dad Wondering??? (Worry Wort!)
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        Bill that is a question I will ask those folks.


        • Mitch
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          Personally i like using safe effective non acidic products. Your responses may vary

        • BNCHIEF
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          Is thermocure an acid product? Also will look at tom's method

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        I looked at toms method for flushing the block that will work pretty well i think great idea as usual.


        • Mitch
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          Toms method after using the Evapo soak is prob the WTG.

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        Been out mowing and thinking about this Tom's idea will work great i will make couple of plates to use with tom's set-up I can flush the block using my sprinkler pump after which I will flush again using distilled water altho I can use soft water out of my house hot or cold either way. Add a gano filter and refill with 50/50 anti-freeze. This will also let me by pass the radiator.
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