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  • I'm Freeeeee!!!

    Well fellas, no more shift work for me! No more 16 hour shifts, missing kids/wife birthdays, Thanksgivings, Christmas' and weekends! I love the public utility field but my days of treating human waste is done!! (crappy job) I am staying in the same industry but on the sales end! I just landed a sales job for the whole state of VA for Miller Supply Co. Water Meter Systems. Two more days in my current job, one week off to take care of stuff at home and "Rusty" then off to my new career!

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    Glad you clarified I was going to say you would be quite the sales guy to sell used crap, Know what you mean I worked 70 hour weeks plus the military and deployments missed more than a few of my families events. Happy for you and good luck as well.


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      That's great news because time fly's by so fast. Being able to put yourself in a better position to spend more time with your family is such a valuable thing. Continue to follow your dreams and I wish you and your gang the very best in the future.
      It sounds like a no brainer move to dump that shitty job:p
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        Full speed ahead on your new job Beauford ! There are great days ahead for you and your family. Wishing you the best and enjoy, Pat
        Model A's and of course the famous AA's


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          Pack a GUN!---Water Meter Salesmen aren't very POPULAR, with Joe Public!---We had a "WAR" when they put them danged things in here!!!---One City Guy got bit by a DOG, even!!! Overnight, one Old Man even filled in their PRE-DUG hole! For his efforts, "someone" gave him a pack of DEPENDS!!!
          Bill Warning
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          • Beauford
            Beauford commented
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            Bill, I always pack! Have been since 1992. LOL I sell to water distribution plants. They install the meter on Joe Public. We also sell hydrants, piping, piping tools, meter boxes, couplings and other brass. The great thing is they have to have it whether they buy from me or someone else.

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          Congrats! I lnow about shift work, working for a 24/7 company :-( missing family functions is Crapy
          Good luck with the new job !


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            Good for you. I know what you mean about the hours. My tipical week working at Tenneco (Monroe Auto Equipment) for 18 years was 64 hours and as many as 96 hours some weeks. They closed their doors here in 2013. My last day was April 21st of 2011. Had 10 months of unemployment over the 21 months between that job and my current job. With all that happened in those 21 months it was life changing. I like my current job and make a good hourly wage, but wish I got more than 33 hours a week. Still playing catch up financially. Likely will be for about another 6 months. Glad it appears you will have a smooth transition. Rod
            "Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good." Thomas Sowell


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              I had job offers at other smaller plants as it is hard to find State Licensed folks and no one wants to do this work anymore. Smaller plants have better schedules but pay nothing. For the most part all you do is monitor a computer and run test on water samples....just long hours 2 weeks nights / 2 week days rotation. Work every other weekend.


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                I'm not free, but I'm open to reasonable offers.


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