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Model A Day in the Amana Colonies in Iowa August 19th

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  • Model A Day in the Amana Colonies in Iowa August 19th

    After I left the Studebaker National Meet in South Bend on May 6th, I needed to kill a day before meeting a couple of old Army buddies in Iowa. So when I stopped at the roadside rest in Iowa on May 7th, I asked the lady "what can I do or see to kill a day". She gave me a small newspaper telling about the Amana Colonies, and mentioned that the Maipole Festival was May 6th and 7th. The 6th had a parade, which I had missed, but at least I got to see the Maipole Dancers and visit all 7 colonies.

    I was just reading the newspaper that gives the history of Amana and a schedule of activities for the year. I see they have listed August 19th as Model A Day, and say nearly 90 Model A Fords will be on display on Amana's Main Street as the Hawkeye A Model A Ford Club rolls into town. Wish this wasn't 300 miles away from me. Of course, if I could meet the gal in the blue dress holding the red ribbon, it would be well worth the trip back.
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    a nice way to blow a day
    here is the link to the aug 19th meet in Amana

    get me a shirt XXL
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      Wonder if this is where Amana appliances came from. Too bad they sold out to Goodman


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        Originally posted by tbirdtbird View Post
        Wonder if this is where Amana appliances came from. Too bad they sold out to Goodman
        Whirlpool now own Amana appliances.
        In 1960 My parents bought an Amana chest freezer because they said it was the best quality.
        I think Whirlpool also bought Maytag.


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          Hmmm, OK I guess Goodman only bought the AC line.
          In the day, Amana made the best stuff you could get.
          I hate to admit it, but the Texas based Goodman, not so much


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            Oh, I did forget to mention that after I toured the 7 colonies, I was wondering about the Amana appliance plant. I found it just south of Amana and with a huge Whirlpool sign over it. It's a large plant and employs a lot of people. I'd guess most of the colonies residents work there.


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