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  • Points cleaning.

    I was perusing through my book of Service Bulletins again today and stumbled across something rather interesting.

    Henry suggested that when the points seemed to be dirty or corroded or in some way in need of a cleaning, that a whetstone be used to burnish the pads. Well, I was thinking to myself, since most of the folk I know that own a Model A might not even know what a whetstone is, let alone OWN one thin enough to enable them to clean the points, why can't we use something a bit more inline with the times.

    So, while I was visiting my local drug dispensary, I happened across the section on hygiene *shudders* and noticed a rather interesting object. A steel nail file with some nice fine abrasive on both sides and thought, what a wonderful idea for a point file.

    Since we all visit the drug dispensary monthly to pick up our supply of life enhancing chemicals, what harm could there be in walking down the nail polish isle and gathering up a Revlon red handle nail file? You MUST walk to the rear of the store for those chemicals, so take a bold trip down the polish isle and snag a file for each "A" tool kit, and one for the garage tool box.

    Who knows, they might even be able to be used when you snag that nail on some part of the car and rip that nail back to that nasty scraggly broken finger nail that bugs ya because it isn't even with the rest of those claws. Pffft, who'da thunk.
    You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!

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    Tool trucks used to sell FLEX STRIPS that work good.
    I found "flex strips" used to clean PINBALL machine contacts, they work fairly good.
    Bill Boingboing


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      That's a great idea Mr. Wizzard, If you have anymore ingenious tips i would like to hear about them. I'm on my way to CVS now:p


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        That great but not really embarrassing! Try walking into a store looking to buy a nursing bra lol not for me my wife! At least it was embarrassing for me Red Faced BH


        • DaWizard
          DaWizard commented
          Editing a comment
          As long as it didn't fit ya, I see no problem !!

          BILL WILLIAMSON commented
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          It was HARD, NOT to say something to a YOUNG Gal, who spent 5 minutes @ the CONDOM Rack ! !
          Bill Bleedingtongue

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        A. For the very soft metal on ignition contact points, offers professional Ignition Points Files for $4.31 with free shipping.

        B. Many Model A owners use sand paper, bastard files, and fingernail emery boards where they are constantly ruining points and are constantly buying new ignition points, plus adding sand grit to wear out distributor bushings.

        C. Ignition points should last at least 100,000 miles if ignition points are allowed to close and be cleaned with a professional Ignition Points File.

        D. Then when at the back drugstore counter, after skipping the Revlon File, you can have a Model A distributor Tune-Up excuse to buy your K-Y jelly for lubricating your distributor cam and lubricating your radiator hose connections.


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