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Marco's FRONT Spring Chart

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  • Marco's FRONT Spring Chart

    Marco Tahtaras did an excelent REAR Spring Chart showing just where the different individual springs went in a assembled REAR spring.

    That being the case ...did he ever do one for the FRONT Spring Assembly?

    I say this because I have several disassembled front springs and I do not know just where some of the leaves would go because they are of different lengths and thicknesses.



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    I have never seen a front spring chart by Marco.
    I have measured several original front springs and this is what I came up with.

    #1= 34" X .230" thick
    #2= 32 1/8" X .220" thick
    #3= 27 7/8" X .220" thick
    #4= 24 1/8" X .220" thick
    #5= 20 5/8" X .175" thick has holes for clamps
    #6= 17 5/8" X .175" thick
    #7= 15 1/8" X .175" thick
    #8= 13 1/8" X .175" thick
    #9= 11 1/4" X .175" thick
    #10= 9 3/4" X .175" thick

    The assembled spring is about 2" thick in the center.

    The spring is 1 3/4" wide.


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      Thank you Mr. Jones...that is exactly the information I needed!



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      Mr. Jones-your sharing of this information has made a substantive contribution to the technical data base of this site and to all who do or will reference it. Many thanks!


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