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Late 31 Tudor Production estimate

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  • Late 31 Tudor Production estimate

    Using the figures Here:


    If my math is correct an estimate of S/N 4,780,000 - 4,520,832 gives about 259,168 late 31' April-Sept.1931. Of 148,475 Tudors made of 626,575 31's in total that's ~23% of all production and 23% of late 31's is ~61,413 tudors -ballpark

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    You could be right. Most of my studying has been early 28 and very early production so not likely I will be of much help. Rod
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      Fine Point Awards Dearborn
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      The Fine point awards
      388-Keith Earnst 31AA MARC of originality
      394 Michael Klyde 31 Dix roadster
      411-Dwight Jackson 29 Fordor MOE
      418 Charles Beckmann 29 Phaeton MOE
      423 Mitch Hartka 30 Tudor MOE
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      465 Tim Wiggins A400 31 MOE
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      Anyone know what yr this is?
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      What was the color or colors available?
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      Who has a picture of original early 31 gasline and how are you reading the turn finishing....
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