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Front and Rear Spring Restoration

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  • Front and Rear Spring Restoration

    What is the best way to restore the leaf springs?

    Electrolisis...Sand blast...wire wheel...all the above ...none of the above...

    Followed by painting each leaf or not?...or use graphite grease...


    What have you done in your restoration to have a good looking front and rear spring?



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    I wire wheel mine and reuse them if they are not gouged if the car is sagging then the springs are weak and need replacement, I then graphite them and later paint them.


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      Steve, when I pulled my front spring to remove 3 leafs, I wire wheeled and radiused the ends, greased, and placed copper plates on the ends, then oiled upon installation.

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        My rear spring was not salvageable and did similar as Wiz eve non a new 10 leaf spring, to chamfer the ends and sand/ wire wheel, etc. the leaves to remove flash, slight divots, ( no copper) etc. We coated the rubbing/mating surfaces with approx. 1.5 cans spray graphite from Home Depot careful to not get on exposed areas and painted those exposed areas with prime and enamel after assembly. The front I was able to disassemble, do the same exercise after reversing and fitting the leaves for a good fit. No shops in our area wanted to re-arch them.
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          I have sand blasted each leaf, painted with PPG DP90, then John Deere Slip Plate graphite paint, then assemble. Photos from a Franklin I restored.
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            Bill, those look great, except the two in the middle have the bolts in upside down.
            You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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              Here is what I did to my aftermarket A springs. After receiving them I broke down the spring pack and had each leaf powder coated. They were then coated with an appropriate slip plate and reassembled and installed. I did this on both the front, rear,, would do it again in a heartbeat
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                Originally posted by DaWizard View Post
                Bill, those look great, except the two in the middle have the bolts in upside down.
                Nope!! The franklin has full eliptical springs, so some of those face up and some face down.
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                Eastern Connecticut


                • DaWizard
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                  See, I didn't get the full info. Thought they were for a Model A.

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                This gallery has 3 photos.
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