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    This is installing the roof on my 31 Victoria today and yesterday and the day before.... What a tedious job, The moldings were formed first by securing in the groove in the body one loose nail at a time and bending in baby steps and then gently removing, We used chicken wire then 1/4 " open cell foam and then the vinyl roof material, sealed the nailheads and then nailed the moldings on. Still have the front molding to nail down.
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    Hopefully the foam won't deteriorate over time..............................
    Paul in CT


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      I agree and would not use foam.


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        I was disapointed with the roof padding sold by the venders. I tried two different suppliers and both created a too tall transition to the moldings. Open cell foam gave the best look as it was compressed by the moldings. I have looked at a lot of very nice Victorias and have seen the roof and moldings as a disappointing area in most. I hope it holds up too because it sure looks good.


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          Can you replace the wood in the roof of the coupe without removing the metal panels on the top sides. I know the front metal needs to come off and I assume probably the headliner. The top was leaking so I pulled the vinyl back and found mouse nests and rotted wood.
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