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  • Proper charge rate?

    I'm running a 6 volt generator on a pos. ground system. I was afraid the old cut out was over charging the battery. I replaced the old cut out with a new NUREX semi-conductor cut out. At regular idle the amp meter shows about 5-6 amps of charge. Running down the road- 40mph it shows around 12 amps charge. No lights on. What is the correct charge rate? Maybe the old cut out wasn't bad after all as these charge rates are about the same as before.

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    The cutout is simply an OFF-ON switch, and in no way controls the generator output. This is true whether it's the original style or the diode style. Mr. Regan makes an EVR that fits in the cutout and controls the generator output. There is also an EVR built into the generator band, and I make an EVR that fits inside the generator and replaces the adjustable third brush.

    If you stick with the stock generator, then I'd move the adjustable brush UP to lower the output to only a couple amps.


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      The cut out does NOT control the charging rate, as it is just basically an on & off switch. The third brush which is adjustable controls the output. I like to double check the amp meter using an external meter when doing the adjustment. I usually set them for regular day time driving at a few amps. In our technical forum Tom posted this genny tutorial
      here is the link:::
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        If the old cutout allowed the generator to recharge the battery and taper off after it was topped off, then it was working fine. If it continued to show a 12amp charge after a half hour of driving and charging, the third brush on the generator is set too high. The charge rate has little to do with the cutout working as that is just a switch. You may not have needed to buy a new cutout, you may have needed to just adjust the charge rate with the third brush.
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          I moved the 3rd brush up and now the amp meter reads about 3 to 4 amps at idle and around 10 at high idle. I hit the light switch at high idle and the amp meter dropped to around 1 amp. I have a funny feeling there was nothing wrong with the old cut out. Thanks everyone!


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            10 amps is a good setting for night driving, but it's high for daytime driving, and will boil out the water much quicker than necessary.


            • Mitch
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              What Tom said your still a little high
              when it's set right for day driving the lights will make it go negative
              like i said before i always verify with an external meter

            • tbirdtbird
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              back in the day the owners would change the brush setting for day or night driving. If you seldom drive at night, just set it to about 2-4 amps at high idle and forget it

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            How far will that 3rd brush move? I thought I had it set fairly high on the armature.


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              Why not just install an EVR as mentioned and you'll never have to screw around with the 3rd brush. You'll have the best of both worlds day and night driving at the proper charging rate.
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