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    Watching the history channel tonight and this show is showing Henry Ford unveiling his new Model A in reaction to GM and Chrysler out innovating him. Trouble is his unveiled 1927/8 4 Dr Sedan is either a 30 or 31. Really obvious. You would think they would be a little more technically competent.

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    Ha, just turned it on. You're right about wrong car. Funny. It's not like they couldn't have found the correct car for the show.


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      Originally posted by Roadster Rich View Post
      Watching the history channel tonight and this show is showing Henry Ford unveiling his new Model A in reaction to GM and Chrysler out innovating him. Trouble is his unveiled 1927/8 4 Dr Sedan is either a 30 or 31. Really obvious. You would think they would be a little more technically competent.
      Yea and late '31 at that! They could have used a '28 at least. The race car, the sweepstakes car, was not even close to the original. Of all the manufacturers to get the wrong a Ford? So much information out there, so many cars out there it's a shame.


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        It looks like a 31 Slant Window to me. Also it has white side walls and red wheels. It is an interesting series, though.


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          It was a late 31 slant windshield, similar to mine. Plus, I do not believe the car was originally introduced as a Model A Ford, but as "The New Ford." Even with these inaccuracies, the show is entertaining to watch.


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            Concur; did I miss the '32/ v8 introduction or is that perhaps in the next sequence?


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              My read on the series is that it is the usual TV "dumbed down" version of what actually happened.
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                When watching MOVIES/FILMS/ETC, we have to just throw REALISM out the window & enjoy it!!---UR, you could jist UN-PLUG the danged thing & go sit in the corner, in a FETAL POSITION!!!---The Dog: is LAFFIN'----He wishes we had a better Dog: face dooley.
                Dogs': Dad:p


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                  I think stuff like that has been happening for years. Even the movie "Emporer of the North" had mistakes like that. The Plymouth door in the trash pile at the bottom of the revine was looking old and beaten even though it would have been very new (looking at the door handles) at the time frame the movie is set in (FDR was on the radio in one scene selling "The New Deal"). Prop people don't always get it right. Time and budget don't always allow experts and convenience rules the day. Rod
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                    My favorite series was the Board Walk Empire
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                      Saw an Old Western, with WIDE tire tracks in front of the Ranch House, looked like DUALS!!
                      Bill Laffin'


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