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  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas, Ya'll.

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    Thanks Ken, have a great day today. I know I will.
    "all" of the family is here today. Tomorrow we travel to see more family.
    Twiss Collector Car Parts


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      Merry Christmas to all our friends and neighbours near and far. Have a great day. Jim.


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        "Right" or "Wrong"

        Old time Christmas Day greetings and today's December 25, greetings when encountering strangers could be thought of by some as "Right" or "Wrong"?

        There was a time when we Seniors all had the same idea about Christmas, until later when some felt saying "Merry Christmas" must be changed to telling someone "Happy Holidays".

        Just in case you want to say a Right Thing when encountering a stranger today, and not offend his concept of December 25, just a friendly suggestion.

        Instead of us Seniors trying to remember all of the different December 25, Greetings, just say something positive: "Wal-Mart is closed today!"

        Hope this helps!

        Merry Christmas !
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          Well I have my own theory about that.
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          • Bobm90
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            Good theory Bill, seems to me that I remember a episode of Seinfeld where Kramer wanted a holiday called Festus so he just wished everyone "happy Festus" that covered it all. The fact that someone thought enough to wish you a happy something is great !!

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          The & I are having Christmas ALONE & LOVING it Tomorrow my ANTI-PAIN-PILLS will be ready, WHOOPIE
          Dad & Buster T.


          • merjohn
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            Merry Christmas Bill, and many more!!

          • Bobm90
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            Bill, you should have gotten the Dog a Cat for Christmas !! LOL

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          If anyone notices "The Old Merry Christmas Gang" of us Seniors diminishing with today's U.S. Anti-Groups, (even the new Me Too's), per #4 reply, the universal day after Christmas Day greeting; "Wal-Mart is Open" might work.


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