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Pictures of my seat belt install

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  • Pictures of my seat belt install

    image hosting over 10mb

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    Great job !


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      Thanks. I still need to install the rear seat belts.


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        agree nice job and the retractable is a great idea.
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          Thanks for posting your pictures of the front install, looking forward of the rear install. I also have a tudor thats needs belts installed. Keep up the good work!


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            Rumble Seat, Seat Belt installation
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            Looking for some examples of installing seat belts in a rumble seat. Appreciate any ideas..Rick Jensen
            09-09-2021, 10:54 PM
          • Tom Rode
            Seat belts in rumble seat
            by Tom Rode
            I am searching for information on installing lap belts in the rumble seat of my A. I see many threads and articles about belts for the front seat which I am planning for my next project, but see no info on lap belts for rumble seat, where everyone want to ride. Anyone done this. Also looking for method for padding the area behind the front seat for those rear passengers.

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          • JohnB15632
            Question of the day - Friday
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            My question today involves seat belts. I must install seat belts as I will be carting around 3 grandchildren. And for that matter, if anyone wants to ride in my A, he/she will wear a seat belt or they will not ride.

            Installing the seat belts in the rear is fairly straight forward. The rear bottom cushion can be removed with a little gentle nudging. Or a big hulk of a crowbar.
            10-30-2020, 10:21 AM
          • JohnB15632
            Seat Belt Installation
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            This will be my Winter Project. I am going to install seat belts in my A this Winter.

            Any tips that you can give me?

            Thanks bunches.
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          • Mark Maron
            Seat Belt Information
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            {{These seat belt tech threads are for reference only. The VFF does not advocate that these install tips are properly done or will save a life. Install your seat belts at your own risk.}}

            Original Thread:

            Seat Belts in 29 Town Sedan

            Been getting a few messages from the "other...
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            I’d like to install lap belts in my ‘30 pickup. I’m not understanding how to do so to option a 70 degree angle. I’m also thinking additional steel may be needed. Any direction on successful seat belt installation will be appreciated! Would retractable be indicated?...
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          • dmaxweb
            Seat Belts in 30 Coupe
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            First off, sorry for another seat belt thread. I've searched and searched for a clear illustration on the inboard belts.
            The inboard belts are bolted to the reinforced cross sill behind the tool pan - so far so good. How are the belts routed through/around the wood seat frame and/or the curved sheet metal at the back of the seat?
            01-05-2020, 05:43 PM
          • carolinamudwalker
            3 point seat belt
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            I installed the fixed belts to 1/4 '" angle iron in the usual way, but I through bolted the angle iron to the frame. In the trunk/rumble seat area I installed two horizontal flat bars to the rear vertical deck pillars A-47461 & A47453. 0n both sides. The first picture shows a belt extension that is bolted to the top horizontal bar. I was to lazy to remove the cardboard panel for this picture,...
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            I want to install seat belts but where & how do you mount one end of the seat belt ?
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          • Tom Wesenberg
            Pictures Showing Upholstering Tudor Rear Seat
            by Tom Wesenberg
            In 2014 our Model A club had a demonstration put on by Elizabeth of Classtique Upholstery, showing how to reupholster a Tudor rear seat.
            Elizabeth sure does nice work, and makes it look easy. Too bad I didn't have a video camera for this job. Notice the nice frame Elizabeth made to compress the seat springs while doing the upholstery work. The last picture shows the bead on the rear of the seat,...
            You do not have permission to view this gallery.
            This gallery has 12 photos.
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