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  • Cylinder wall Temps...

    I took out thermostat, refilled radiator with 3 gallons. Ran engine at about 1/4 throttle. First after 5 minutes water was pissing because I over filled found its level.

    After five minutes I took temp on cylinder walls drivers side.

    1) 114

    2) 109

    3) 108

    4) 119

    10 minutes

    1) 169

    2) 141

    3) 153

    4) 173

    15 minutes

    1) 192

    2) 160

    3) 175

    4) 182

    Without the therm it never got over 160-65 on the gauge. (20mins) Also, my temp only jumped to 190 cutting it off. So its running cooler without thermostat.....I still need to time again this afternoon to make sure I am exact.

    Any thoughts?

    PS: Blasted tank again and it didn't blow up and didn't lose any skin this time.

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    Your readings look quite good to me.

    It is possible the thermostat was too restrictive; some are better than others. I don't use one, I feel it restricts the cooling of cylinder #4, which already has too little cooling. This is controversial like all else. I end up at about 170-180, never more, running an electric temp gauge. If it is a cold day (not common in Texas) then I shove a piece of cardboard over the rad. I would rather restrict AIR flow than WATER flow.

    You may also want to put a piece of neoprene gas line over the TOP of the overflow tube to extend it as high up to the cap as possible. Usually this will add another 1-2 inches of height to the tube, and keep a little more water in the rad


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      Thanks, Dave!


      • tbirdtbird
        tbirdtbird commented
        Editing a comment
        In fact your temps are fairly even, the water jacket must be quite clean

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