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  • Rear of hood?

    My sons are helping me reassemble my 1929 roadster PU which was disassembled in the early seventies (yes, I know, some of you weren't born yet) and I have a question. I can't find the answer in any of the many books I have purchased. The center hood rod slides into the hole in the front. What happens in the back at the cowl. Does it just sit there? I saw a suggestion that you tie a little loop of wire around it?? Thanks in advance as I am sure the answer will appear.

    P.S. Thank the good lord for helpful sons as my old mind and body get bogged down and move slowly.
    Life is what happens on the way to what you planned

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    You are missing a little piece that goes on the rod at the back of the hood and is help down by two screws in to the cowl also do not forget about hood lacing on the cowl and radiator shell.


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        the rear bracket shown also can slide laterally to help align hood form side to side


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          Is that PIC worth a thousand wurds?----LOL
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        I'll check my "what is this?" parts box, but I don't think it was there when I bought it Labor Day weekend 1970. (Who knows?) I do remember a neighbor and I lifting the hood off and not using any tools. Thanks to all, and YES Bill Silly at least a thousand.
        Life is what happens on the way to what you planned


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          1970? Maybe the mice ate it

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        This is the place for help, great guys here.


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          Mitch, mice, or groundhogs, scurvy of the earth!
          Life is what happens on the way to what you planned


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