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  • Old car festival

    looks like they are trying to fix this show before it is to late . It is free this year for all cars this year . You have to put in your application and be accepted .this is not a show that you can just show up and get in love love love this event hope to see you there

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    Jm a good spot for this is also in tours and events and maybe post a little more detail please.


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      Like 'where' and 'when' would be helpful for those of us that don't know what festival you are talking about


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        The old car festival is the oldest car show in the United States it is for any original car prior to 1933 it is Ono of the best weekend car shows that I have ever been to it is like going back in time becouse you can drive your car threw the greenfield village all week end . Look up the old car festival at greenfield village you will be amazed


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          Ps the dates are sept 8'9'10th


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