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  • Open windshield

    Anyone got a side view pic of how I install the hardware on my RPU windshield? I know I have all the parts in a box somewhere.....

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    Beauford is a roadster the same or get the help from the guy who has the pu like yours.


    • Beauford
      Beauford commented
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      yeah I would imagine its just like a Roadster windshield.

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    If no one chimes in with apic today i will try and get a picture of my buddies roadster tomorrow for reference.


    • Beauford
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      Mighty kind of you sir! Paint should be dry and I'm going to fidgit with the parts and see if I can get it but wont know if correct. Also, the rubber gasket that goes into the bottom of the windshield channel (wind brake, seal against rain) what type of sealant is used to keep that in? All new to me. LOL

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      I have used a weatherstip adhesive 3m but i would solicit some more opinions mark maron would be a real good guy to ask.

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    I figured it out with a ton of blown up pics on the net. Now if someone has insight on the bottom weather stripping.


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      The bottom weather stripping shouldn't need anything to hold it in the channel because the edge that goes into the channel should be wider than the opening in the channel itself. Any I've done have had a small but wider opening in the channel run to use to feed the rubber strip in lengthwise.


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        Successes are coming few and far between. But, today, I was able to put together my original windshield and windshield frame.
        As I will show you in the pictures attached, it was in pretty sorry condition when I started.
        I was most interested in saving the windshield glass, as it has an original 1960/1961 PA inspection sticker still on it!

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      • old31
        31 Roadster windshield install questions and help
        by old31
        I have watched the videos and done a search on installs.

        Which material is correct?

        The material on the left is what I took out. The edges do not appear to be cut, and to me it looks like the right stuff. On the right is Brattons and that you must cut the inside and outside after install. Why is it so wide?

        I put silicone on the glass and it just drags and tears...
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