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Model A prices are up?

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  • Model A prices are up?

    I look at cars for sale on Craigs List every week, and it seems to me that local prices for Model A's have gone up about 20% over the last year, across the board, for all conditions. Are you seeing anything similar in your region? Disclaimer: I have never bought a Model A, in over 55 years in the hobby, with the intent that I would make money on it. That has sometimes happened by accident, but I'm in it completely for fun. More often I have lost money, but still enjoyed the car.
    I don't think that you can expect to even break even on a car anymore.

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    Seem to be down looking at SOLD items on ebay. Asking prices is all over the place. Rod
    "Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good." Thomas Sowell


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      Ray i guess it all depends on who you ask
      I think they have been pretty steady in price
      4~ Tudor's
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      Henry Ford said,
      "It's all nuts and bolts"

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        My dad always said start high you can always go down.


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          You can ask anything you want but what you sell it for can be two different things


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            Take an average Model A put a 350 V8 in it and chrome wheels. Advertise ' only needs paint and upholstery repair' and list it for $80,000. Sure seller.


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              ASKING prices on the Interweb don't mean SQUAT!!---LOL
              Bill W.


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                I am looking for my first, hopefully prices drop!!


                • DaWizard
                  DaWizard commented
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                  Where you at? One of the club members has a '30 Coupe Rumble Seat for sale.

                  It is not advertised on the interweb.

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                How about a restored '29 Coupe, almost ready to drive, plus 2 HUGE tool cabinets full of tools, all my heavy equipment & spares. $22,000.00 CASH, for the WHOLE KABOODLE! (pic in my Avatar)
                Bill W.


                • Captndan
                  Captndan commented
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                  What happened to 'Bill Normal'?

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                I'll be "NORMAL" as soon as my ANTI-PAIN-PILLS & my COFFEE kick in!
                I HATE mornings & have to be TOTALLY re-trained.
                Bill Groggy


                • Ted Duke
                  Ted Duke commented
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                  Hope the coffee helps! Your comments ALWAYS make my day brighter. Scratch the dog behind the ears for me.

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