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Cad Plating and Black Oxide kits...

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  • Cad Plating and Black Oxide kits...

    Cad Plating and Black Oxide kits...

    Who have you found that makes the best Cad Plating and Black Oxide kits that are on the market today?



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    Caswell copy cad. Birchwood tech for raven


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      I use Caswell also, and use G-96 for the parts to be blackened. I found the G-96 on ebay.


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      • Steve Plucker
        Paint schemes...
        by Steve Plucker
        In Section 1 (Engine Compartment) and Section 4 (Undercarriage) of the Standards, the paint schemes per part are spelled out.
        Now we go to Area 7 (Brake System) and very little is told about the individual brake parts being a specific "black" color.
        Can you please tell me what parts are:
        1. Satin Black
        2. Semi-gloss Black
        3. Gloss Black
        I just can not...
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      • Mike V. Florida
        Japan Black
        by Mike V. Florida
        There are a few items on the A that were protected by the process called Japan Black or Japanning. The Guidelines say the parts were dull but from what I have read and seen about the process, the results were far from dull.

        So here are the questions, has anyone used the process? How glossy did it come out? Did you have it judged and what was the point result?

        Here is a formula...
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      • Chevmn56
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        Hello all !!! i am real close to putting various engine parts back on Clyde. What started as a tune up 2 months ago, has now grown. I think i have the bug also. But in reading the Judging Standards book it makes referance to 2 paimt codes B- Black and R-Raven, now on doing some research on the internet i think R-Raven would be gloss black?????, so what is B-Black????? satin????
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        The engine is out of my 29 Tudor being rebuilt by the folks out in Skokie, Il. While everything is off the engine-I figured now would be the time to paint the black stuff. Would Rustoleum gloss black be close? I'm not really going for a high point show car, but since everything is off and relatively easy to paint-I would like to get it close. Obviously, Rustoleum paint is readily available. ...
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      • Jim Mason
        Japan black
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        Here's a link to an article I wrote re:Japan black. please note asphaltum is not the same as asphalt or road tar. just as amber is not the same as pine pitch.
        08-28-2017, 11:29 PM
      • wrndln
        Cad plating look alike
        by wrndln
        I have had a lot of parts white cad plated and they look nice, however there are a few fasteners, mostly bolts that I forgot to have cad plated or discovered later that they needed to be plated. Does anyone know of a spray paint finish that mimics white cad plating? I was thinking of something like a white or off-white spray paint and then scuff it lightly.
        Rusty Nelson...
        07-24-2018, 02:58 PM