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Key cylinder is seized in the handle

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  • Key cylinder is seized in the handle

    Good day all. I am new to the Model A lifestyle. I recently purchased a 1928 AR Tudor that was, for the most part, restored. One issue I am trying to address is the key cylinder in the passenger door handle is seized in the handle. I made a key for it & the tumblers are free but the plug won't turn.
    I shot it with PB Blaster a couple times a day for many days, I soaked it overnight in Coca Cola.I have rapped on the face of the plug between treatments with a wood hammer handle but it's still not moving. I am still shooting it with Blaster. Any ideas?

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    Welcome EarlyBert to the forum and the hobby

    i have soaked the handles in Evapo-Rust in the past which worked well for me. Make sure you have the right key / code for the tumbler

    You might also try to contact Dick Crabtree @ 605-487-7229 he deals with pop out ignitions and keys

    A&l Model A parts also deals with keys (860)693-0112 or 2620

    Maybe others will chime in with other suggestions

    maybe you can post pics of your Tudor one day
    3 ~ Tudor's
    Henry Ford said
    "It's all nuts and bolts"

    Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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    Tap the key a little with a will work.


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      Yep, Just so happens I am a locksmith by trade & deal with a lot of newer (1950's, 60's, 70's) locks & keys. I get quite a few canopy locks that have the same problem but not to this degree.

      Just called my local hardware store for Evapo-Rust & they have it. Gonna get me a jug on my way home.

      I've posted my one picture for all to see. I got to drive it about a half dozen times before the clutch went away.


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      Dynamite, works every time LOL


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      Funny that this just popped up again after so long. I ended up joining the local model A club in Tacoma. I was able to meet with the club mechanic and he carefully drilled out the old expanded cylinder plug and provided a correct replacement. Problem solved.


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