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    Well, first of all this is my first post on VFF. I have a 1931 Fordor DeLuxe Blindback which I recently drove 1080 miles to and from Gettysburg for the 2017 National Meet. I have been hooked on this hobby since 1967, so I was very happy to finally get to a National.

    The Generator on my car is a original 6V unit with a Diode cutout. When the car is started the AMP Meter will usually go to 8 - 10 AMPs charging. After a short period of time it will return to ZERO and stay there for all the time I am driving EXCEPT when I turn on headlights. It will discharge a few AMPs.

    My Question: Is the AMP Meter operating correctly? OR should it be running like the original cutout at about 8 AMPs charging?

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    First Wecome here at VFF
    I'm wonder what bulbs you are running
    It sounds pretty normal, charging the battery at first, then 0 when battery is charged, turn lights on slight discharge. If you would be running lights all the time, you could adjust the output of the generator,


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      WELCOME to the site.

      Actually, all is well. The purpose of the generator/cut-out is to top the battery off after you start the car and discharge the battery. When this is accomplished, the cut-out will basically back off the charge rate to the battery so you don't boil the water/acid out and cook it. When you turn on the headlights or step on the brake, it takes the top off the battery so the cut-out lets a few pixies travel from the generator to the battery to refill it.

      The few amp discharge is just the loss of a few of those pixies to charge the battery back up by the use of the headlights. As long as the cranking of the starter continues at about the same speed, then you are recharging the battery back to the top.

      Ford, in the Service Bulletins, told the dealers to question the drivers, and if they primarily drove at night, to turn up the charge rate above the normal 10amps so it didn't result in a deeper discharge because the generator/cut-out wasn't filling the battery back up because of the constant headlight usage.
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        Hi Cape
        From what you describe everything sounds normal to me also.
        I'm glad you made it back safe and sound and It was great to finally meet you at Gettysburg

        I moved your post to the main discussion forum... the tech area is for reference and things like that.
        once you spend some time looking around you'll figure it out
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          The stock or diode only cut out has nothing to do with the charging rate, It is an on off switch to stop the generator
          from running the battery down when the engine is not running.



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            I always thought the diode cutout was a one way switch as Bob said. It sounds to me like you have a voltage regulator in there. My amp meter goes to about 5 amps and stays there. If I turn the lights on it will show a discharge.


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              Thanks to all for responding to my first post.
              Also thanks to Mitch for straightening me out where I should be posting questions. I will be putting that jumper in the mail in the a.m. Thanks for the loan.

              As to the question I had, I don't know for sure, but I think the cutout I have is something with Fun in the company name. I don't know if that would change any of the answers
              to my question.

              Big Hammer - I have standard bulbs in the headlights with L.E.D. in the tail lights and directionals.

              Thanks again for the responses!


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                Fun projects makes standard cut outs and EVR's. Electronic voltage regulators.


                I run Tom W's evr's in my cars
                3~ Tudor's & 1~ Coupe
                Henry Ford said,
                "It's all nuts and bolts"
                "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

                Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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                  How can I tell if I have a Fun Projects product and if it is a standard cut out or EVR?


                  • Mitch
                    Mitch commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Maybe you can call there and ask how to determine if its an evr or one of their standard cut outs. On those evr's the 3rd brush gets set to about 12 amps and then the regulator adjusts the output.

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                  Everything sounds normal, as mentioned, if you have one of the Fun Projects EVR cutouts.
                  You mentioned a jumper wire. I hope you didn't jump across the EVR, as Mr. Regan says it will burn it out.


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                    I presume from your post you made it home safely from the Gettysburg meet. I was concerned about your return trip after you left the repair tent and we were unable to find the cause of your car missing. I tried to PM you on the other site but it said the box was full.


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